what color is the colon

what color is the colon?

The colon is greenish-yellow in color.

what color is the confederate uniform?

The Confederate Uniform was originally designed for the Confederacy during the Civil War. The Confederate flag has been used since then to represent southern pride. The Confederate Flag is red, white, and blue with 13 stars representing the original states that seceded from the Union.

what color is the cookie monster from sesame street?

The cookie monster is green. He wears a red shirt and blue pants. His eyes are yellow. His hair is orange. His shoes are black. His hat is white. His glasses are brown. His belt is purple. His scarf is pink. His mouth is blue. His nose is white. His hands are tan. His feet are gray. His backpack is orange. His lunch box is yellow. His lunch is green. His lunch money is red. His name is Cookie Monster.

what color is nori

what color is the cornea?

The cornea is the clear outer layer of the eye. It protects the retina from injury. It is made up of three layers: epithelium, stroma, and endothelium. The cornea has no blood vessels, nerves, muscles, or glands.

what color is the cross on the swedish flag?

The Swedish flag has a red background and a white cross. The red represents the blood shed during the war against Napoleon. The white cross symbolizes peace.

what color is the dodger blue?

The Dodger Blue is a dark navy blue.

what color is the dr pepper can?

The Dr Pepper can has a red cap and a white body.

what color is the dress meaning?

The color of the dress means that she is single. If the dress is white, then he is married. If the dress is red, then he is divorced. If the dress is black, then he has been widowed. If the dress is yellow, then he is engaged. If the dress is blue, then he is separated. If the dress is green, then he is gay. If the dress is orange, then he is a

what color is the dress poll?

The dress poll is blue, which is the color of the sky.

what color is the element iron?

Iron is a transition metal found in nature. The color of iron is red.

what color is the endoplasmic reticulum?

The endoplasmic reticular membrane is a double layer of phospholipid bilayer surrounding the cytoplasm. This structure is responsible for protein synthesis and degradation. The endoplasmic membrane contains ribosomes which synthesize proteins from amino acids.

how to make slime without glue borax or food coloring

what color is the first mega man?

Mega Man is blue, like his robot name says.

what color is the flag at panama city beach?

The flag of Panama is red, white, and blue. This means that the colors represent the three main groups of people who live in Panama: indigenous people, mestizos, and whites.

what color is the flag in panama city beach?

The flag of Panama City Beach has three colors – red, white, and blue. Red represents the blood shed for freedom during the American Revolution. White stands for purity and innocence. Blue symbolizes loyalty and justice.

what color is the g in google?

The G in Google is green.

what color is the inner core of the earth?

The inner core of the Earth is made up of iron and nickel. The outer core is mostly liquid iron, while the mantle is mainly composed of silicate minerals.

what color is the inside of an acorn squash?

The inside of an acorn squash is white. Acorn squashes are delicious when cooked with butter and salt. They are also used for stuffing.

what color is the iphone 11 pro?

The iPhone 11 Pro comes in two colors: black and silver. Both models come with a glass back and stainless steel frame. The iPhone 11 Pro has a 6.1-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels. It also has a 12MP rear camera with f/2.4 aperture and OIS. On the front side, we find a 7MP selfie shooter.

what color is the letter d?

The letter D is green.

what colors can you make

what color is the little mermaid’s tail
The little mermaid?s tail is blue.

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