what color are dorothy’s socks

what color are dorothy’s socks?

Dorothy’s socks are green. They are made from wool and cotton. The colors are brown and yellow.

what color are drew barrymore’s eyes?

Drew Barrymore has brown eyes.

what color are eggs?

Eggs come in different colors depending on where they were produced. The most common egg color is white, followed by brown, then blue, green, and speckled.

what color are elves shoes?

Elves shoes are usually black or brown. They are made from leather and they have a round toe.

what color are eyes that are blue and green?

Blue eyes are usually associated with fair skin and light hair. Green eyes are usually associated with dark skin and black hair. However, some people have blue eyes and brown hair, and others have green eyes and blonde hair.

what color are females most attracted to?

Females are most attracted to blue colors, such as sky blue, navy blue, and light blue. They also like green colors, such as emerald green, lime green, and forest green.

how to change keyboard backlight color acer aspire 5

what color are flea eggs on dogs?

The color of flea eggs depends on the breed of dog. Some breeds produce white eggs while others produce brownish colored eggs. Fleas lay eggs during the night when they are inactive. When the eggs hatch, larvae emerge from them and begin feeding on the dog?s blood.

what color are fleas on humans?

Fleas are brownish red in color. They live on dogs and cats, and they bite humans when they come into contact with them. The bites cause itching and discomfort for the person bitten.

what color are frogs tongues?

Frogs tongues are greenish yellow. They are actually made up of two different colors – one part is bright yellow and another part is dark brown. The tongue is used for tasting food and other things.

what color are green eyes?

Green eyes are usually associated with fair skinned women. However, some dark-skinned women also have green eyes. If you want to know whether you have green eyes, look at the iris of your eye. The iris has two colors: brown and yellow. Brown is the dominant color for most people, but if you have green eyes, then you may have a yellow iris.

what color are hair follicles?

Hair follicles are white, and they are located at the base of each hair strand. They are also called dermal papillae, and they help keep the skin moist and healthy. When we lose our hair, these follicles shrink and become less visible.

what color are halogen bulbs?

Halogen bulbs are white light bulbs with a blue tint. They are used for indoor lighting, such as in offices, schools, and homes. The main advantage of halogens is that they produce less heat than incandescents, which makes them safer for use near flammable materials.

what is the most common eye color for cats

what color are hanukkah candles?

Hanukkah candles are red, white, and blue, which represent the three colors of Israel. The menorah has eight branches, each representing one of the tribes of Israel. The top branch represents Judah, the second branch represents Joseph, and the third branch represents Benjamin. The bottom branch represents Levi, Issachar, Zebulun, Naphtali, Dan, Asher, and Ephraim.

what color are hazel eyes at birth?

Hazel eyes are brownish yellow, and they are usually inherited from the mother. They can also be greenish yellow, which means that the baby has blue eyes.

what color are human testicles inside?

Human testicles are usually pinkish red in colour. However, they may be white, yellow, blue, green, brown, black, grey, purple, or any other colour. The colour of the testicle depends on the amount of testosterone present in the body.

what color are iphone text messages?

The iPhone uses a system called SMS/MMS messaging which allows users to send short messages to other phones using the same network as standard phone calls. Messages sent via MMS are stored on the recipient?s device until they are deleted. Messages sent via SMS are stored on the sender?s device for up to 24 hours.

what color are jokers eyes?

Jokers eyes are blue.

what color are kevin costner’s eyes?

Kevin Costner has brown eyes. He was born on June 23, 1955 in New York City, New York, USA. His father is actor James Costner and his mother is actress Barbara Stanwyck.

what color are key limes?

Key lime pie is a delicious dessert made from sweetened condensed milk, eggs, egg yolks, and fresh key limes. The key lime is a small fruit native to Florida, and has a tart flavor similar to grapefruit.

what is color wow

what color are kittens when born
Kittens are usually white at birth. However, they may turn different colors after a while.

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