what causes cats eyes to dilate

what causes cats eyes to dilate?

Cats eyes dilate when they are tired, hungry, or stressed. If you want to know why your cat has dilated eyes, check out these tips for treating eye infections.

what causes cats teeth to rot?

Cats teeth rot when they are not brushed regularly. Brushing your cat?s teeth helps prevent tartar buildup and gum disease. If your cat has been missing brushing for a while, it may be time to brush his teeth again.

what causes cats to lose hair on their ears?

Cats lose hair from their ears when they are stressed out. Stressful situations include moving into a new home, going through a divorce, or having a baby. The stress causes them to produce too much cortisol which makes them lose their natural oils. This results in dry skin around the ear area.

what causes cats to scratch their ears?

Cats’ ear scratching behavior is caused by stress, anxiety, boredom, and frustration. When they feel stressed, anxious, bored, or frustrated, they may start scratching their ears. The best way to stop them from scratching their ears is to give them something to do. If you notice that your cat scratches his/her ears when he/she feels stressed, then try giving him/her some toys to play with.

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what causes cherry eye in cats?

Cherry eye is caused by dry eyes. Cats often suffer from dry eyes due to allergies, which makes them scratch at their eyes until they bleed. This condition usually occurs when cats spend too much time indoors.

what causes coccidia in cats?

Coccidia is a parasite that infects cats. The disease is caused by a protozoan called Eimeria cati. This parasite lives in the small intestine of cats and produces oocysts which are excreted in the feces. These oocysts contain sporozoites which are infectious for other animals.

what causes depression in cats?

Depression in cats is caused by stress, anxiety, loneliness, and boredom. Cats may also be depressed when they feel like they are losing control of their environment. If you notice any of these symptoms in your cat, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

what causes dry skin in cats?

Dry skin in cats is caused by a lack of moisture in the environment. Cats naturally produce less oil than other animals, which makes them prone to dry skin. If your cat has dry skin, try adding some moisturizing oils like coconut oil or olive oil to his food.

what causes ear mites in cats and dogs?

Ear mites are caused by parasitic mites that live in the ears of cats and dogs. These mites feed off the oils secreted from the skin glands in the outer ear canal. The mites burrow into the ear canal and lay eggs. When the cat or dog scratches his/her ears, the eggs fall out and become airborne. They then enter the ear canal where they hatch and begin feeding. This cycle continues until the ear canal becomes blocked.

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what causes gas in cats
Gas in cats is caused by intestinal blockage. The cat may be constipated due to eating too much dry food or drinking too much water. If the problem persists for more than two weeks, then your vet should examine the cat?s stool to determine whether the cause is internal or external.

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