what candles are safe for cats

what candles are safe for cats?

The best way to keep your cat from eating candles is to put them out of reach. If you don’t want to do that, then you should use non-toxic candles. Also, be careful when using scented candles, as they may cause respiratory issues.

what cat are you today?

I am a black cat.

what cat doesn t shed?

Cats don’t shed hair, they just groom themselves. They use their tongues to remove loose hairs from their fur.

what cat tail movements mean?

The cat tail movement means that the person has been caught lying. This is a common way for someone to lie when they know they are being lied to.

what cats eyes mean?

Cats eyes means that something is going to happen soon. If someone has cats eyes, they usually don’t know what is going to happen next.

what cats stay small?

Small cats like kittens and young adult cats tend to stay small for life. However, some older cats grow into larger breeds, such as Maine Coons and Persian Cats.

what causes asthma in cats?

Asthma in cats is caused by environmental factors such as dust mites, pollen, and mold. The best way to prevent asthma in cats is to keep them indoors and away from these allergens. If they do become ill, it is important to treat them immediately with antihistamines and steroids.

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what causes conjunctivitis in cats?

Conjunctivitis is caused by bacteria entering through the eyes. The symptoms include redness, discharge, and swelling. If left untreated, it may cause permanent damage to the eye.

what causes jaundice in cats?

Jaundice in cats is caused by a build up of bilirubin in the blood stream. This happens when the liver fails to process red blood cells properly. The result is yellow discoloration of the cat?s skin and eyes.

what causes kidney stones in cats
Kidney stones are caused by crystals forming inside the kidneys. The main cause of kidney stones in cats is calcium oxalate. Other factors include genetics, diet, and urinary tract infections.

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