what can you give a cat for fever

what can you give a cat for fever?

A cat needs to be treated for fever when it has a temperature above 103 degrees Fahrenheit. The best way to treat a cat with fever is to use a heating pad or heat lamp. Do not put a hot water bottle directly on a cat?s body.

what cat are you quiz?

I’m a black cat.

what cat lives the longest?

The domestic shorthair cat has the highest average lifespan at 12 years, while the Maine Coon cat lives for 15 years. The American Bobtail lives for 10 years, and the Persian lives for 11 years.

what cat should i get quiz?

The best cat for you depends on your lifestyle, personality, and preferences. If you like cats, then you might want to consider getting a long haired cat. Long hair makes them look bigger and they also shed less. They are also easier to care for. However, if you prefer short hair, then you might want a shorthair. Shorthairs tend to be calmer and quieter.

what causes a cat to sneeze a lot?

A cat sneezes when it has something stuck in its nose. If you want to know why cats sneeze a lot, then you should look at how they breathe. Cats inhale through their nostrils, which means they must push air out of their noses to fill up their lungs. When they exhale, they push the air out of their noses again. This process happens all the time, and it?s why cats sneeze so much.

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what causes bladder stones in cats?

Bladder stones occur when urine becomes concentrated and hardens into small stones. The most common cause of bladder stones in cats is urinary tract infection. Other factors include diet, genetics, age, and certain medications. If your cat has been diagnosed with bladder stones, contact your veterinarian for treatment options.

what causes urinary tract infections in cats?

Urinary tract infection in cats is caused by bacteria from the digestive system entering the bladder through the urethra. The bacteria then multiply and cause inflammation of the bladder wall. This leads to the formation of pus which may be painful for the cat. Treatment includes antibiotics and pain relief.

what color eyes do cats have?

Cats have blue eyes. They also have green eyes, brown eyes, hazel eyes, and orange eyes.

what color is my cat?

Your cat has a unique color pattern that identifies him/her from other cats. The color pattern is determined by the genes passed down through generations. There are different types of colors such as tabby, tortoiseshell, calico, and domestic shorthair.

what color should my cats gums be
Your cat?s teeth need to be brushed twice a week for optimal health. Brushing your pet?s teeth helps remove plaque and tartar buildup which can lead to gum disease. If your cat has bad breath, brush his teeth daily.

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