should i get a cat or dog

should i get a cat or dog?

If you want a pet, then getting a cat is better than getting a dog. Cats are easier to care for and they don’t need much exercise. However, dogs require more attention and training.

what did lovecraft name his cat?

The name of H.P. LovecraftÂ’s cat was Nyarlathotep. He named him after the Egyptian god of death and the night.

what do cats eyes mean?

Cats eyes means that you are going to be successful. If you look at a cat’s eye, you will notice that they have two black spots in them. These spots represent the future. The first spot represents the past, and the second spot represents the present. This symbolizes that we should always focus on our future, while looking back on our past successes.

what do stray cats eat?

Stray cats eat anything they find. They may be able to catch mice, birds, frogs, insects, worms, and other small animals. Some cats also eat garbage left outside homes.

what does a black cat mean?

A black cat means bad luck, especially when seen at midnight. If you see a black cat during the daytime, then it means you will be successful. However, if you see a black cat at night, then it means something bad will happen to you.

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what does cat tail wagging mean?

Cat tails are a sign of happiness, and they are also used to show affection. When cats wag their tails, it means they are happy, and want to be petted. If a cat wags his tail when he sees someone else, it shows that he wants to play.

what does dreaming about cats mean?

Dreaming about cats means that you are thinking about something that is positive for you. If you dream about a cat, then you may be thinking about a new job opportunity, or maybe you are considering buying a home.

what does it mean when your cat stares at you?

Your cat is staring at you because he wants attention. He may be hungry, bored, or just want to play. If you ignore him, he might start scratching furniture or his bed.

what does the cat emoji mean?

The cat emoji means “I love you” in Chinese. This is why it is used in dating apps like Tinder.

what flowers are safe for cats
There are no plants that are toxic to cats. Cats do not eat plants, they drink water from them. If you want to give your cat fresh food, then you should use organic foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

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