is it inhumane to keep a cat indoors

is it inhumane to keep a cat indoors?

Keeping cats inside is cruel and inhumane. Cats need to be outside to hunt for food, play, and exercise. They also need to interact with other animals and explore new places. If they are kept inside all day, they become bored and depressed.

is it legal to declaw a cat in california?

Declawing a cat is illegal in California. The law states that cats must be allowed to walk freely on a leash. If they do not want to wear a leash, then they cannot be declawed.

is it legal to declaw cats in california?

Declawing cats is illegal in California. The law requires all veterinarians who perform surgery on animals to be licensed and certified by the state. If you need help finding a veterinarian, check out

is it legal to eat dogs and cats in canada?

Eating dog and cat meat is illegal in Canada, but some restaurants still serve it. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued warnings against eating dog and cat meat, and has seized shipments of dog and cat meat from restaurants. However, there are no laws prohibiting the sale of dog and cat meat in Canada.

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is it legal to feed feral cats?

Yes, it is legal to feed feral cats. However, you should be aware that some cities may have laws against feeding stray animals. If you find yourself in such a situation, contact local animal control authorities for advice.

is it legal to relocate stray cats?

Yes, it is legal to relocate stray cats. However, you should be aware that some states may consider it cruel to move them. If you do decide to relocate a cat, please be careful to avoid any potential health risks for the cat.

is it normal for cats to scratching after flea treatment?

Yes, it is normal for cats to scratch after they receive a flea treatment. The itching from the fleas causes them to scratch themselves until they feel better. Cats also like to play with things such as toys, blankets, and other objects. However, if your cat scratches excessively, he may be suffering from skin allergies. If you notice excessive scratching, contact your veterinarian immediately.

is it ok for a cat to eat catnip?

Yes, cats love eating catnip! However, cats should be supervised when they are eating catnip. Cats may become agitated, aggressive, or even vomit after eating too much catnip.

is it ok for adult cats to eat kitten food?

Adult cats should be fed a diet designed specifically for them. Kitten food is too high in protein and fat, which could cause health issues such as kidney disease.

is it ok for cats to eat turkey
Yes, it is okay for cats to eat turkey. Cats do not need to be fed chicken or beef. They can eat any kind of meat they want. However, some cats may prefer chicken or beef. If you feed your cat only turkey, then he/she might become sick.

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