is chamomile safe for cats

is chamomile safe for cats?

Chamomile is safe for cats, but they should be supervised when drinking tea. The active ingredient in chamomile, chamazulene, has been shown to cause liver damage in animals. However, chamomile tea may help reduce anxiety in cats.

is cheese ok for cats?

Cheese is great for cats because they love the taste and smell of it. However, it should be avoided if your cat has any allergies. If your cat eats too much cheese, he may develop diarrhea or vomiting.

is coffee bad for cats?

Coffee is great for cats because they love the taste of it, and it helps them stay awake during the night. However, some cats may develop kidney disease from drinking too much coffee.

is corn bad for cats?

Corn is not bad for cats. Cats love to eat corn, and they also like to play with toys made from corn. If you want to give your cat some extra treats, try making them out of corn.

is dieffenbachia toxic to cats?

Dieffenbachia is poisonous to cats. The plant contains oxalic acid which causes kidney failure and death. If ingested, contact poison control immediately.

is english ivy toxic to cats?

English Ivy is safe for cats. However, some plants may cause allergic reactions in cats. If your cat has been exposed to any plant that causes irritation, contact your vet immediately.

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is frankincense safe for cats?

Frankincense is safe for cats, but it should be used sparingly. The oil has been known to cause vomiting, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal issues in cats. If you want to give your cat some frankincense, use only a small amount at a time and keep it away from your cat?s food.

is ham bad for cats?

Ham is a delicious meat made from pork leg. However, some types of ham contain nitrites which can be toxic to cats. If you suspect your cat has eaten any kind of ham, contact your vet immediately.

is it normal for cats to sleep all day?

Cats usually sleep 12 hours per day, which is about half of what humans do. They also spend much of their time sleeping curled up in a ball. This behavior is called “couch surfing” and is common among domestic cats.

is it ok for cats to eat catnip
Yes, cats love eating catnip! They also like to play with toys made from catnip. Some cats may be allergic to catnip, though. If your cat has any symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, itching, or scratching, do not give him/her any catnip.

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