how to teach a cat to use a scratching post

how to teach a cat to use a scratching post?

Teaching a cat to use a scratch post is easy. First, put up a scratching post for him to use. Then, place his food bowl next to the post. Finally, reward him when he uses the post. After a couple of days, he should be using the post regularly.

how to teach your cat to fetch?

Teaching your cat to fetch is easy. Just put a treat inside a toy that he likes and then throw it away when he fetches it. If he doesn’t fetch after a couple days, just keep throwing the toy until he gets the idea.

how to tell a cats gender?

A cat?s gender can be determined by looking at the shape of the head and body. Males usually have longer faces, wider heads, and larger bodies than females.

how to tell if a cat is a boy?

A male cat has a penis. If you don’t know what a penis looks like, then ask your parents or someone else who knows about cats.

how to tell if a cat is going blind?

Cats go blind when they lose their vision due to age, disease, injury, or other causes. The first sign of blindness is usually a change in behavior. If your cat stops eating, starts rubbing his eyes, or becomes disoriented, he may be losing his sight.

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how to tell if a cat is pregnant or fat?

A cat is pregnant when she has a swollen belly, her nipples turn darker, and she stops eating. If you want to know if your cat is fat, look at his waistline. Cats who are overweight usually have a large belly.

how to tell if a female cat is fixed?

If a female cat has been spayed, she will no longer be interested in males. However, if a male cat has been neutered, he will still be interested in females.

how to tell if cat has diabetes?

If your cat has diabetes, he may be overweight, lethargic, thirsty, urinate frequently, and have increased appetite. He may also have dry skin, excessive thirst, and frequent vomiting. Your veterinarian should perform blood tests to determine whether your cat has diabetes.

how to tell if cat is underweight?

If your cat has a body condition score of 6/9, then he is probably underweight. A healthy weight for a cat should be between 7/9 and 8/9.

how to tell if cat pregnant
If you notice your cat has been eating less food, urinating often, and sleeping for longer periods of time, then she may be pregnant. However, some cats do not show any signs until they are about three months along.

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