how to take cat temperature without thermometer

how to take cat temperature without thermometer?

The best way to check the temperature of a cat is to use a digital thermometer. A digital thermometer is small and easy to carry around. If you don’t want to spend money, then you can also use a regular thermometer and measure the temperature from the bottom of the paw.

how to tame a cat in real life?

Taming a cat is easy, just put some food in front of him and he will come running. However, if you want to train your cat to be obedient, then you need to use positive reinforcement. Try using treats like cheese, meat, fish, and vegetables. If your cat doesn’t eat them, then try giving him a treat when he sits next to you.

how to tame a tortoiseshell cat?

Taming a tortoise shell cat is easy. First, you need to find a young kitten who has been raised by humans. Then, you should give him some food and playtime for about two weeks. After that, he will be ready to live with you. If you want to keep him, then you must feed him twice a day and spend at least one hour each day playing with him.

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how to teach your cat not to bite?

Teaching your cat not to bite is easy. Just put some food in front of him, and he will learn quickly. If he bites, just give him another piece of food. He will soon realize that biting doesn’t work, and stop doing it.

how to tell how many kittens a cat will have?

The number of kittens a cat will have depends on the breed of cat. Some breeds produce one kitten per year while others may produce two or three kittens per year.

how to tell how old a stray cat is?

The age of a stray cat can be determined by looking at the teeth. If the cat has no teeth, then it is likely under one year old. However, if the cat has some teeth, then it is probably older than one year.

how to tell if a cat hates you?

If you find yourself constantly cleaning up after your cat, then he probably doesn’t like you. Cats hate messes and they don’t want to be around them. They also do not appreciate having their food taken away from them.

how to tell if a cat is a girl?

A female cat has two testicles, while a male cat has one testicle.

how to tell if a cat is boy or girl?

A male cat has a penis and a female cat has a vagina. If you want to know if your cat is a boy or girl, look at his testicles. If they are small and round like a ball, then he?s a boy. If they are large and oval shaped, then he?ll be a girl.

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how to tell if a cat is dead
If you find a cat lying down in a strange position, then chances are they’re dead. The best way to determine whether a cat is alive or dead is to check for breathing. If you don’t feel any breath, then the cat is probably dead.

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