how to keep your cat from eating your plants

how to keep your cat from eating your plants?

If your cat likes to eat your plants, then he needs to be trained to stop doing that. The best way to do that is to put some food outside for him to eat, and then remove it when he comes back inside. This teaches him that he should only eat what is given to him.

how to kill tapeworms in cats?

Tapeworms are parasites that live inside the intestines of cats. They cause severe health issues for cats, such as diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, and dehydration. The best way to prevent tapeworm infestation is to keep your cat?s environment clean, feed them well, and give them regular vet checkups.

how to know how old your cat is?

The best way to find out how old your cat is is to look at her teeth. Cats’ teeth grow continuously throughout life, so they should be able to tell you when she was born. If you don’t want to do that, then you can also ask your vet for help.

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how to know if a cat trusts you?

If a cat likes you, he/she will rub against your leg when you come home from work. This is a sign that they trust you.

how to know if my cat is happy?

If your cat is happy, he/she will be purring and rubbing against you.

how to know if your cat hates you?

If your cat doesn’t like you, then he/she will show it by his/her actions. Your cat may be showing his/her dislike for you by urinating on your bed, scratching furniture, hiding food, or other behaviors.

how to know if your cat is in labor?

If your cat is in labor, she may be having contractions. The first sign of labor is when the mother cat starts to push her kittens out of her birth canal. She may also start licking her kittens, which indicates that they are ready to come out.

how to know if your cat is sad?

If your cat is sad, he may be hiding under furniture, or sleeping alone. He might also be eating less, or acting aggressive towards other cats.

how to know if your cat trusts you?

If your cat likes to be petted, he/she probably trusts you. Cats like to be stroked and scratched, and they also like to be held. When cats trust you, they may rub against you, purr, and even lick your face.

how to know what type of cat you have
The best way to find out what kind of cat you have is to look at the markings on your cat?s body. If you want to know what kind of cat you are, then you should ask your vet.

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