How often should you get your fireplace serviced?

How often should you get your fireplace serviced?

When to Get a Fireplace Service If you like a roaring fire from autumn all the way through spring, you should conduct or schedule service once a year, ideally early in the summer. If you only use your gas fireplace occasionally, you can probably get by with a fireplace service check every two years.

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Does a fireplace need to be serviced?

Although gas fireplaces have a low maintenance factor, you must ensure at least an annual service to keep your fireplace looking great and have a flawlessly functioning fireplace all year round. This further helps extend the lifespan of your fireplace.

How often should you have your gas fireplace checked?

The initial and foremost guideline of any gas fireplace system is to have it inspected every year. With professional chimney companies, you can usually have your annual chimney cleaning and gas inspection scheduled at the same time. Matter of fact, your whole system should be inspected annually, top to bottom.

How do you know if chimney needs cleaning?

Here are seven tell-tale signs that indicate your chimney or fireplace needs cleaning:
Your fireplace smells like a campfire. Fires burn oddly. It takes more effort to get a fire going and keep it going. Smoke fills the room. The fireplace damper is black. Fireplace walls have oily marks. ThereÕs evidence of animals.

How much is it to clean a chimney?

The typical chimney cleaning cost is between $129 and $377. Wood fireplaces that receive regular maintenance price $85 to $100 per cleaning. Those with build-up from years of neglect could total as much as $800. Chimney cleaning kits run between $50 to $100.

How often should I have my gas fireplace serviced?

Gas Fireplaces need an annual inspection in order to keep up to snuff. This is a very important practice, which many overlook; myself included. Because gas fireplaces burn clean and are very easy to take care of, some assume that this means it doesnÕt need cleaning.

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Do you need regular maintenance on a ventless fireplace?

Fortunately, Ventless Gas Fireplaces burn cleaner and have less maintenance required in comparison to their traditional wood fireplace counterpart. An annual inspection is crucial for all gas appliances and regular maintenance is the essential to getting years of use out of your ventless gas appliance.

Do you need an annual inspection of your gas fireplace?

Because gas fireplaces burn clean and are very easy to take care of, some assume that this means it doesnÕt need cleaning. While it is true that gas fireplaces are both efficient and low maintenance, itÕs a known fact that ANY appliance can become a nuisance if neglected. That is why you need an annual inspection of your gas fireplace.

Do you need to clean your gas fireplace?

Cleaning your gas fireplace can be a DIY task, but only for those comfortable working around natural gas. If youÕre hesitant to work with a natural gas line, call a fireplace service to do the job. What Will a Fireplace Service Do?

How often should you get prongs checked?

every six to twelve months
It is recommended that you have your rings checked every six to twelve months for signs of loose or damaged gemstones, worn prongs or other damage. Most people donÕt realize that a weak or broken prong is a problem until a gemstone falls out of their ring.

How much does Zales charge to clean a ring?

Every Zales store offers professional cleanings free of charge. Our Jewelry Consultants will also check for loose diamonds, bent or broken prongs or loose settings. Regular professional cleaning and inspections will also ensure your diamond warranty remains in effect.

How much does it cost to fix cracks in settlements?

Does Kay Jewelers offer free cleaning?

Free Lifetime Cleaning and Inspections Bring your diamond or color gemstone jewelry into any Kay Jewelers or Kay Jewelers Outlet location as often as you wish for free professional cleaning and inspection. (Cleaning and inspections are not available at or

How often should you rhodium plate your ring?

every 1-2 years
We usually recommend getting white gold items rhodium plated every 1-2 years. Depending on your bodies specific oils some people need rhodium plating more often than others. Rhodium is a liquid metal in the platinum family that attaches through electric current to metals such as gold and silver.

How does a diamond stay in the prongs?

Designed for single stone or solitaire rings, prongs act like a claw, holding a diamond in place in a visually unobtrusive way. Prongs are like small wires that bind the stone; they are welded to the band to ensure the diamondÕs safety. Prongs suspend the stone high enough off of the band to show its size and detail.

How often should I get my diamond ring checked?

every 6 months
We highly recommend that you get your ring cleaned and inspected by a professional every 6 months. Depending on the jeweler and warranty, professional cleanings may be free or require small payments.

How long does it take for a ring cleaning?

No matter what kind of setting or metal your rings has, itÕs best to use a gentle soap and water solution. To create this simple solution, all you need is a small bowl, warm water, and dishwashing soap. Then take your ring and allow it to soak for about 20 to 40 minutes depending on how dirty it is.

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Can you clean your ring too much?

No, you canÕt clean your engagement ring too much when itÕs being done the right way. But, if youÕre using all kinds of harsh chemicals regularly thatÕs when youÕre doing too much. Those chemicals will end up damaging the metal and stones, affecting the overall look of the ring.

How much does it cost to dip your ring?

How Much Does it Cost to Dip your Ring?

At a retail store, you can expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $120 to have your ring dipped, depending on the complexity of the setting and style. But at With Clarity, ring dipping is free! We offer a lifetime warranty that covers ring replating and polishing.

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