How much is Vic Damone worth?

How much is Vic Damone worth?

Vic Damone net worth: Vic Damone was an American singer, actor, and radio and television personality who had a net worth equal to $10 million at the time of his death in 2018 (after adjusting for inflation). Vic Damone was born in Brooklyn, New York in June 1928 and passed away in February 2018.

Is Vic Damone still alive?

Deceased (1928Ð2018)
Vic Damone/Living or Deceased

Where is Vic Damone from?

Brooklyn, New York, United States
Vic Damone/Place of birth
Damone was born Vito Rocco Farinola in Brooklyn, New York, to Rocco and Mamie (Damone) Farinola, Italian emigrants from Bari, Italy. His father was an electrician and his mother taught piano.

What was Vic DamoneÕs real name?

Vito Rocco Farinola
Vic Damone/Full name

How old was Vic Damone when he died?

89 years (1928Ð2018)
Vic Damone/Age at death

What was the cause of death for Vic Damone?

Vic Damone Death Vito passed away on February 11, 2018 at the age of 89 in Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, Florida, USA. VitoÕs cause of death was complications of respiratory illness. Vic Damone death quick facts:

Where was Vic Damone born and where did he live?

Although heÕd been suffering with his illness for some time, thereÕs no doubt that Vic DamoneÕs death has caused quite a bit of devastation for his family, friends, and fans alike. Vic Damone was born Vito Rocco Farinola to Rocco and Mamie Farinola (nee Damone) in Brooklyn. He used his motherÕs maiden surname to create his stage persona.

When did Vic Damone have his last performance?

One of his final public performances was on January 19, 2002, at the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts in Palm Beach, Florida. Damone suffered a stroke the same year and subsequently retired.

Where was Vic DamoneÕs sister Sandy shot at?

His sister Sandy was shot to death at the North Miami Beach bingo hall in Sky Lake Mall. They both worked there in the mid-1980s. During a typical night at the bingo, Abby, her ex husband came into the bingo parlor on his night off, and asked her to come out into the hall to talk to her.


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