How much is the n-400 application fee?

How much is the n-400 application fee?

$640. (Add the $85 biometric fee for a total of $725, where applicable. See exceptions below.) If you file your Form N-400 online, you may pay your fee online.

How long is citizenship appeal?

AAO appellate review: The AAO strives to complete its appellate review within 180 days from the time it receives a complete case record after the initial field review. Some cases may take longer than 180 days due to factors beyond the AAOÕs control.

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Where do I mail my n-336 form?

Mail your form to the Phoenix Lockbox. We encourage you to read our filing tips before mailing your form. When you submit your Form N-336 through the mail, we will mail you a USCIS Account Acceptance Notice with instructions on how to create a USCIS online account to track and manage your case.

What is the first step in the naturalization process?

In order to be naturalized, an applicant must first meet certain criteria to apply for citizenship. Then, the applicant must complete an application, attend an interview, and pass an English and a civics test. Upon successful completion of these steps, the applicant takes an oath of allegiance, and becomes a citizen.

Can citizenship be denied?

Situations Where Failing to Be Approved for U.S. Citizenship WonÕt Lead to Deportation. ItÕs possible to be denied citizenship and go right back to being a permanent resident.

What is the fee for N-336?

The filing fee for Form N-336 is $700. If you receive a notice to appear for a biometric services appointment, you may also be required to pay the $85 biometric services fee.

How long does it take to get a USCIS hearing?

An applicant or his or her authorized representative [1] may request a USCIS hearing before an officer on the denial of the applicantÕs naturalization application. The applicant or authorized representative must file the request with USCIS within 30 days after the applicant receives the notice of denial. [2]

How do you get a hearing on a denial of naturalization?

You must apply for an administrative review within 30 days of the original denial. Then you need to submit the N-336 form (Request for a Hearing on a Decision in Naturalization Proceedings). This must be completed at the same USCIS district office that initially denied the application.

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How to prepare for an immigration appeal hearing?

The purpose of this guide is to provide answers to commonly asked questions that will help you prepare for your hearing at the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). You can also observe a real Immigration Appeal hearing to see how the hearing process works.

When does USCIS consider a hearing request improper?

USCIS considers a hearing request improperly filed if an attorney or representative files the request without properly filing a notice of entry of appearance entitling that person to represent the applicant. The officer must ask the attorney or representative to submit a proper filed notice within 15 days. [15] .


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