How much is R-12 refrigerant worth?

How much is R-12 refrigerant worth?


FreonÓ is a commonly known brand of refrigerant, though it is not a descriptive or generic term. Companies have quoted prices ranging from $35 to $175 per pound for R-22É.How much does r12 cost?

List Price: $6.67 You Save: $2.53 (38%)

Is R-12 refrigerant illegal?

R-12 is a colorless and odorless CFC refrigerant that was completely banned from production by 1996 under the Montreal Protocol for depleting the ozone. R-12 has many applications in refrigeration and air conditioning including large to mediums size chillers, automotive air conditioning, and as an aerosol propellant.

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Why is R-12 illegal?

Conclusion. In conclusion folks R-12 Freon was banned due to the damage that it caused to the Ozone layer. The Chlorine found in CFC refrigerants like R-12 would not break down in the atmosphere when vented or leaked. The Chlorine would then erode the Ozone bit by bit.

Can you still recharge R12?

No you can not recharge an AC system equipped with R-12 unless you are a licensed technician. You can convert your AC system to R-134 yourself, once the R-12 is dealt with correctly.

How much can you sell R12 for?

Today R-22 can be as much as $50 per pound, depending on where you purchase it. Typical residential air conditioning units hold from 5 to 15 pounds of R-22. Even more, according to the EPA, production and sale of R-22 be cease completely by 2020.

Can you mix R12 and R134a?

The oils are different and not compatible and can cause an explosion. R134a is also a smaller molecule than r12 so if you HAD a small leak with r12 that you did not fix you have an even bigger leak now.

Can anyone buy 410a refrigerant?

There is an EPA certification process available, and required, for purchase and handling of CERTIN refrigerants. R410a IS NOT one of those. ANYONE can purchase and handle 410a. NO certification or license needed.

Can I mix R12 and 134a?

Can you add 134a to R12?

To be able to use R134a in an R12 system, the R12 system needs to undergo a retrofitting so that itÕs able to handle and process R134a refrigerant. This also means that some refrigerant conversion needs to be done in order to drop R134a into a R12 system.

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Where can I buy R12 refrigerant for home use?

There is an exception to the licensing requirement where you can buy R12 with a statement that you are buying it with the intent to have a licensed installer install itÉso you could buy it and have your licensed shop install it. You can also take a pretty simple online test to become ÒlicensedÓ yourself.

Is there a restriction on selling refrigerant online?

The EPAÕs refrigerant sales restriction can be found by clicking this link. The basic summary is that you, the seller, are responsible for all record keeping and tracking all companies that you sell refrigerant too. This DOES apply to any and all online sales as well.

Is it legal to sell a R-12?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to own R-12. If you should decide to sell it, however, the purchaser must have EPA 609 certification. You should keep a copy of same to cover yourself if you sell it in case youÕre investigated or raided by EPA Gestappos. Transportation is the only difficult issue.

What kind of refrigerants can you sell in a car?

The sales restriction covers refrigerants contained in cylinders, cans, or drums, except for the sale of small cans of substitute refrigerants (e.g., R-134a for use in motor vehicle air conditioners). This sales restriction does not cover refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment or components containing refrigerants.

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Rosie OÕDonnell Net Worth: $120 Million Salary: $5 Million Date of Birth: Mar 21, 1962 (59 years old) Gender: Female Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)

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