How many Elf on the Shelf can a family have?

How many Elf on the Shelf can a family have?

Do I need one Elf per child or one per household?

The choice is yours. We have included two Nice List Certificates and two Letters to Santa in each kit, as these items are personal. All the other items can be shared as a family.

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How do you get more than one elf?

The preferred plural of elf is elves, following the grammar of shelf and shelves or wolf and wolves.

Who owns the elf on the shelf?

Behind it all is Carol Aebersold and her twin daughters Chanda Bell and Christa Pitts, who kicked off the craze in 2005 when Carol and Chanda published a book called The Elf on a Shelf . Since then, their company, Creatively Classic Activities and Books, based in metro Atlanta, has expanded to a larger franchise.

What is the difference between elf and elves?

People who write elfs mean to refer to two or more magical creatures that are similar to fairies. Elves is the correct spelling for the plural form of the noun elf. An elf can refer to a mystical being with magical powers from folklore, modern fantasy, or SantaÕs helpers.

Does elf on the shelf have a sister?

About: Excitement is building in the McTuttle house: itÕs almost time for them to meet their new elf, Chippey! This close-knit crewÑmade up of Mom, Dad, nine-year-old Taylor and his two younger sisters, Christa and CarolineÑare about to have a Christmas theyÕll never forget!

What are the rules for Elf on the shelf?

TheyÕre sent from Father Christmas to check if the kids are being naughty or nice, and to report back their findings to the boss. The main rule to remember for Elf on the Shelf is children arenÕt allowed to touch the toy Ð they can only talk to it and tell it their Christmas wishes.

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Who is the author of Elf on the shelf?

It all stems from a childrenÕs book called The Elf on the Shelf , published in 2005 by Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell Ð you can buy it from Amazon and it comes with a toy elf. The story is about elves visiting children every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

Is the Elf on the shelf in the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade?

The Elf on the Shelf will appear in the iconic Annual MacyÕs Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York this month for the sixth time. And the book spawned a family business Ñ CCA&B Ñ co-founded by Bell, her sister and her mother.

WhatÕs the best way to trap an elf?

Trap the Elf under an upside down glass with a sign that says HELP!. Wrap toilet paper around the Christmas tree or other object and have the Elf sitting with the roll. Set up a quick board game like Candyland and have the Elf playing it. Put a couple ingredients on the counter and have the Elf sitting with your cookbook.


How many else if can you have JS?

No, there can be only one else per if . Since an else if is a new if , it can have a new else Ð you can have as many else if s as you want.

Can I use 2 else if?

You can use multiple else if but each of them must have opening and closing curly braces {} . You can replace if with switch statement which is simpler but only for comparing same variable.

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How many else statements can I use?

When you want to define more than two blocks of statements, use the ElseIf Statement. You can nest up to ten levels of IfÉ ThenÉ Else statements. If you need to create an expression with more than ten levels, you must redefine it using the ElseIf statement or the Select CaseÉ

How many if statements can you nest in JavaScript?

Avoid using more than three levels of nested if statements, and put the case you normally expect before the more rare cases.

Can we write if inside if in JavaScript?

Yes, JavaScript allows us to nest if statements within if statements. i.e, we can place an if statement inside another if statement.

How to write multiple IF statements in JavaScript?

Make the value what you want to appear in the result string. If you want ÔMNÕ make the value ÔMNÕ. Then instead of writing an if statement for each possible state you could loop through the input objects to find the one that is checked. Get all the inputs from each for like soÉ Then loop through each and find the one thatÕs checked.

Are there any ifÕs and elseÕs in JavaScript?

To explain, if the user ticked ÒWheelchair seatÓ and ÒMiddle naveÓ, the push should output (ÒMN, Wheelchair Ó + e.posX, e.posY). Is there any way of making this happen without manually including a lot of else ifÕs for each possible outcome (I may even want to add a third set of radio boxes)?

What happens to the else block in JavaScript?

JavaScript will attempt to run all the statements in order, and if none of them are successful, it will default to the else block. You can have as many else if statements as necessary.

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