How many dissolution apparatus are there?

How many dissolution apparatus are there?

General chapter <711> Dissolution includes 4 standardized apparatus: basket, paddle, reciprocating cylinder, and flow-through cell.

What is Type 1 dissolution apparatus?

In United States Pharmacopeia (USP) General Chapter <711> Dissolution, there are four dissolution apparatuses standardized and specified. They are: USP Dissolution Apparatus 1 Ð Basket (37 ¡C ± 0.5¡C ) USP Dissolution Apparatus 2 Ð Paddle (37¡C ± 0.5¡C)

What are the methods of dissolution?

Modes of Dissolution of a Firm
1] By Agreement (Section 40)
2] Compulsory Dissolution (Section 41)
3] On the happening of certain contingencies (Section 42)
4] By notice of partnership at will (Section 43)
1] Insanity/Unsound mind.
3] Misconduct.
4] Persistent Breach of the Agreement.
5] Transfer of Interest.

Why sinkers are used in dissolution?

Capsule wire, weights, and sinker baskets are used to retain a solid dosage form at the bottom of the vessel for testing when the dosage form is buoyant. Depending on your dosage form, a variety of options are available.

What is the purpose of dissolution apparatus 3?

Apparatus 3 ( Reciprocating cylinder) is used for dissolution testing of extended release products, particularly bead type modified release dosage forms, chewable product, animal feeds. Apparatus 4 ( Flow cell) is used for modified release dosage forms that contain active ingredients having very limited solubility.

How big is a flow-through dissolution cell?

Consequently, the flow-through apparatus has been developed, which features a dissolution cell of low volume (often <30 ml) and a reservoir to provide fresh solvent. This is official in USP 28 as USP Apparatus 4 where it is prescribed for testing extended-release articles.

WhatÕs the motor speed of a dissolution apparatus?

The Paddle apparatus is designed from stainless steel. It also has a platinum wire that protects the capsules from floating. The paddles motor speed is usually at 40 and the paddle is kept at 37 C. The paddle is kept in the position that specified in the current USP. It has a motor speed of 50 rpm for capsules while it is 25 rpm for suspensions. 3.

What was the first official method of dissolution?

Dissolution Apparatus-1 ÒBasket ApparatusÓ ? Adopted in 1970 the rotating basket method of dissolution testing was the first official method. ? Design: Vessel: Made of Borosilicate Glass Semi Hemispherical Bottom, Capacity 1000 ml. Shaft: Stainless Steel 316, Speed 50 Ð 100 RPM.

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