how long do cats go missing

how long do cats go missing?

Cats disappear for different reasons. Some cats simply run away from home. Others may be stolen by someone who wants to keep them as pets. Still others may be killed by another animal, such as a dog. If you want to find out why your cat has disappeared, contact your local police department.

how long do cats live with calicivirus?

Caliciviruses are viruses that cause diarrhea in cats. The average lifespan for a cat infected with calicivirus is about 2 months. However, some cats may survive longer than others.

how long do cats live with fip?

Cats live between 12 and 14 years. The average lifespan for domestic cats is about 10 years.

how long do cats live with heart murmurs?

Cats live for about 12 years. A cat?s lifespan depends on several factors, such as breed, age, health, diet, and stress levels. If your cat has a heart murmur, it may be able to live longer than normal. However, it is important to note that a heart murmur doesn’t necessarily mean your cat has heart disease.

how long do cats mate for?

Cats usually mate for about one hour, although they may stay together longer if they feel comfortable. If you want to know when your cat is ready to mate, look at his penis. When he gets erect, he?s ready!

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how long do cats spend grooming?

Cats spend about 10 minutes grooming themselves. They use different parts of their body for each task. The back legs are used to scratch, while the front paws are used to groom. Grooming is important because it helps keep them clean and healthy.

how long do cats stay in heat female?

Cats stay in heat for about 6 weeks. The average duration of estrus in domestic cats is 4 days.

how long do domestic tabby cats live?

Domestic tabby cats usually live for about 12 years. They are generally healthy and active throughout their lives, although they may experience some health issues such as arthritis and cataracts.

how long does a b12 shot last in cats?

A B12 shot lasts for about 2 weeks in cats. The B12 shot is injected into the cat?s muscle tissue. This helps the body absorb vitamin B12 better.

how long does a cat last in heat
A cat lives for about 10 years. The average lifespan of a cat is 12 years. Cats live longer than dogs because they don’t need to be taken outside to relieve themselves. They also tend to stay indoors more often than dogs do.

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