how long do cat vaccine side effects last

how long do cat vaccine side effects last?

The duration of cat vaccines side effects depends on the type of vaccine used. Some vaccines may cause mild symptoms for up to two weeks after vaccination. Other vaccines may cause more severe reactions such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy. If these symptoms persist longer than three days, call your veterinarian immediately.

how long do cats go missing for?

Cats usually disappear for 2 weeks at least. If they don’t come back after two weeks, then they probably died.

how long do cats nurse?

A cat usually nurses for about 4 hours at a time. The average nursing session lasts about 2 minutes, and the first feeding occurs between 12 and 24 hours after birth. Nursing sessions typically occur once per hour during daylight hours.

how long do ginger cats live?

Ginger cats live for about 15 years. They are considered one of the oldest breeds of cat. The first ginger cat was born in 1872.

how long do tabby cats live indoors?

Tabby cats live between 8 – 12 years indoors. They need a lot of attention from humans, and they don’t like to be alone for too long. If you want to keep them healthy, you should provide them with toys, food, and plenty of love.

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how long do you feed a cat kitten food?

A cat needs to be fed at least once daily for the first two weeks after birth, then twice weekly until they reach adulthood. The best way to feed kittens is to use a feeding bottle. Cats should never be given table scraps.

how long does a cat’s first heat last?

A female cat’s first heat lasts for about two weeks. During this period, she may become aggressive towards other cats, especially males. If her first heat lasts longer than three weeks, she may be pregnant.

how long does anesthesia last in cats?

Anesthesia lasts for about 30 minutes in cats. The duration depends on the dose administered. If you administer too much, then the cat may be unconscious for longer.

how long does wet cat food last?

Wet cat food lasts for about two weeks. If you want to extend the shelf life of wet cat food, freeze it first. This will help keep moisture out of the food and prevent spoilage.

how long for cat food allergies to go away
The average length of time for cats to outgrow their food allergies is about 2 years. However, some cats may never outgrow their food allergies.

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