how far can cat 6 cable run

how far can cat 6 cable run?

Cat 6 cable runs up to 100 meters. The maximum length depends on the number of pairs used in the cable. A typical CAT6 cable has 24 pairs, which means it can be extended up to 100 meters.

how far can cats travel to get home?

Cats can travel up to 100 miles per hour. They use their whiskers to navigate through obstacles and find food. If they cannot find food, they may go back to where they came from.

how far do male cats wander?

Male cats roam up to 1 mile from home, while female cats stay closer to home. This distance depends on the cat?s age, personality, and other factors.

how far down can a cat jump without getting hurt?

A cat can jump up to 20 feet high without hurting itself. However, cats cannot jump any higher than they weigh, which means they must be able to jump at least twice their weight. If a cat weighs 10 pounds, then it can jump about 30 inches high.

how fast can a cat get pregnant after having kittens?

A female cat can become pregnant after she has given birth to her first litter of kittens. The gestation period for cats varies from about 6 weeks to 8 months. After giving birth, a mother cat may be able to start breeding again within 2 days to 1 month. However, it takes at least 4 months for a cat to recover fully from pregnancy.

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how fast do cats gain weight?

Cats gain weight at different rates depending on their age, breed, and activity level. The average cat gains about 1 pound per month. However, some breeds tend to be heavier than others. For example, Maine Coons weigh around 20 pounds when they?re born, while Persian kittens only weigh 4 pounds.

how fast does deworming medicine work in cats?

Deworming medicine works quickly for cats. The medication should be given at least two weeks prior to traveling abroad. If you want to prevent worms from spreading to other animals, then you need to administer the medication twice per year.

how fast does drontal work in cats?

Drontal is a natural remedy for cat fleas. It works quickly, and lasts up to two weeks. The active ingredient in Drontal is pyrethrin, which kills fleas within 24 hours. If you use Drontal regularly, you should notice fewer fleas within 2 days.

how fast is a cat’s heart rate?

A cat’s heart rate is about 100 beats per minute. This means that a cat’s heart beats approximately once every second.

how fat is the fattest cat in the world
The fattest cat in world is called “Fatso” and he weighs about 25kgs. He was born in Germany and his name is Fatso. His owner says that he eats about 15 kilos of food per month.

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