how do cats get jaundice

how do cats get jaundice?

Jaundice occurs when the liver becomes damaged and unable to process bilirubin, which is produced by red blood cells. The cat?s body then tries to eliminate the excess bilirubin through urine and feces. If the cat has too much bilirubin, he may become lethargic, lose his appetite, and develop dark yellow skin and eyes.

how do cats get periods?

Cats get periods when they are sexually mature. The first sign of puberty for a cat is the development of a vulva. This occurs around 6 months old. A female cat may also develop a mammary gland.

how do cats get their color?

Cats get their color from the food they eat. The cat?s diet includes meat, fish, eggs, milk, vegetables, fruits, grains, and other foods. The cat? s skin contains melanin, which gives them their color.

how do cats get uti infections?

Cats get UTI infections when they urinate outside of the litter box. The bacteria from the urine gets into the cat?s bladder and causes infection. To prevent this, keep the litter box clean and change the litter frequently. If your cat has been drinking water out of the toilet bowl, then he may be prone to UTIs.

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how do cats know to use litter?

Cats are smart animals and they know when to use litter boxes. They also know which box is clean and which one needs cleaning. When they need to go outside, they find a spot where they can easily defecate.

how do cats know where to clean themselves?

Cats use their whiskers to feel for objects around them. They also use their paws to push against things to determine whether they?re solid or hollow. When they find something interesting, they sniff it to figure out what it is.

how do cats learn to groom?

Cats learn to groom themselves by watching other cats grooming. They also use smell to find where they need to lick.

how do cats make love?

Cats make love by rubbing against each other and purring loudly. They also lick each other?s genitals, which makes them feel better about themselves.

how do cats pick their favorite human?

Cats choose their favorite humans based on their personalities. If they like someone?s personality, then they will spend more time around them. They also look for the person who treats them well.

how do cats react to other cats death
Cats are very sensitive animals and they react differently when another cat dies. When a cat dies, he/she may cry for a while, then become quiet, and finally go into hiding. If you find a dead cat, don’t touch him/her, and call the local animal control agency.

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