how can someone be allergic to cats but not dogs

how can someone be allergic to cats but not dogs?

There are two types of allergies: Type I allergies are those that cause immediate symptoms such as sneezing, itching, watery eyes, and runny nose. These allergies usually occur when the body reacts to something foreign. Type II allergies are those that do not cause any immediate symptoms, but may lead to asthma attacks, sinus infections, and other health issues. People who are allergic to cats often become allergic to dogs too.

how can you keep cats out of your garden?

The best way to keep cats from getting into your garden is to put up a fence around your property. Cats love to dig holes in order to find food, and they also like to scratch at things to mark their territory. If you don’t want them to come inside, then you need to prevent them from digging under your fence.

how can you make a cat throw up?

If you want to make a cat throw up, you need to feed them something they don’t like. Cats do not vomit for no reason. They vomit when they feel sick. So, if you want to make a sick cat throw up, just give them some food that makes them sick.

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how can you tell a boy cat from a girl?

A boy cat has a white chest and belly, while a girl cat has a black chest and belly.

how can you tell cat is pregnant?

If you want to know whether your cat is pregnant, you should look for some signs such as increased appetite, weight gain, and urination. However, these symptoms may be present when your cat is just having a normal cycle. To confirm pregnancy, you need to perform a blood test, ultrasound, or fecal test.

how can you tell how far along your cat is?

The best way to know how far along your cat?s pregnancy is is to look at her belly. If she has a large bump, then she is probably pregnant. However, if she doesn’t have a noticeable bump yet, then she isn’t pregnant yet.

how can you tell if a cat’s leg is broken?

If a cat has a broken leg, he may limp when walking, or be unable to walk at all. The best way to determine whether a cat has a broken limb is to examine his paw. A cat who limps or walks crookedly may have a broken leg.

how can you tell if a male cat is neutered?

If you look at his testicles, they should be small and soft. Neutering a male cat usually takes about two weeks after surgery.

how can you tell if your cat ate rat poison?

If you find a dead mouse in your home, then you should check for signs of poisoning. The symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, coma, and death.

how can you tell if your cat has a hairball
If your cat has a hair ball, he may be having trouble eating his food. He might also be scratching himself excessively. A hairball is formed when undigested food gets stuck in the digestive tract. The best way to treat a hairball is to give your cat a high quality diet and offer him plenty of water.

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