How can I send more than 100MB in WhatsApp?

How can I send more than 100MB in WhatsApp?

The only way to send large files on WhatsApp is by uploading them on Google Drive and then sharing on the messaging app. Telegram just recently released an update, which allows you to send files up to 2GB. WhatsApp, on the other hand, only lets you share up to 100MB files.

How can I send 150mb file in WhatsApp?

Here are the steps for the same:
Upload the desired file on Google Drive through the Blue ?Plus? icon on the app. Once uploaded, copy the link to the file by long pressing it and opting for ?Copy the link?. Open WhatsApp and simply paste and share the link with your contacts.

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How can I send 500mb video on WhatsApp?

Given below are all the steps to share large files on WhatsApp via Google Drive: Step 1: Upload the intended file to Google Drive. Step 2: Hover onto the top right corner and tap on Share. Step 3: Once done, click on the ?Get shareable link? option on the top right of the ?Share with others? option.

How can I send large video files on WhatsApp?

2. Sending Multimedia Larger than 16 MB on WhatsApp using Android
Go to the Android PlayStore and download a free video converter app that is able to trim MP4, 3GP, MKV and other formats. Once a video converter app has been successfully installed, open it and select the video that needs to be converted.

How can I send 200mb file in WhatsApp?

Currently, WhatsApp lets you send videos with 16MB limit in size and regular files up to 100MB. You cannot send any file or video for more than the mentioned size. The only way to send large files on WhatsApp is by uploading them on Google Drive and then sharing on the messaging app.

How can I send large video on WhatsApp without losing quality?

If you have a video that is more than 100 MB in size and you want to send it over WhatsApp, then first you need to reduce the size of that video. There are a couple of video compressor apps available for Android. Video Compress is one such app that you can use to compress your videos.

How can I send 100 MB video on WhatsApp?

Here we are providing two alternatives that will help you to send videos of more than 16MB on WhatsApp.
Google Drive. WeTransfer. Video Compressor Panda. 3 Ways to Check RAM Type, Storage Speed, CPU Peak Frequency on Any Android Phone. 4 Ways to Share Your Phone?s Screen During Video Call.

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What?s the maximum file size you can send on WhatsApp?

One of the most used messengers is WhatsApp. Though it allows sending photos, videos, and other files, it has a limit for their size. And if you too are irritated of the WhatsApp maximum video and document file size sharing limit of 16 MB and 100 MB respectively,?

Is there a way to send large video, audio files on WhatsApp?

It becomes a headache when it comes to send large files via WhatsApp. You should know that WhatsApp has a file size limit of 16MB for videos, music and images as well. However, the files we transfer in life are sometimes far larger than 16MB. Is there a way to send large files on WhatsApp?

What kind of files can you send through WhatsApp?

In the meantime, however, it is not only used to send text messages, but also to send numerous files. Photos, videos, audio files and documents can be sent quickly and without charges to the recipient. WhatsApp is most often used via mobile phone, but installation on a computer is now also possible.

Is there a video limit on WhatsApp 2017?

WhatsApp included. And the recent WhatsApp video limit 2017 is 16 MB, a slight increase over the previous limit of 12 MB. Tricks to Overcome WhatsApp Video Limit 2017. If you try to send any file via WhatsApp that?s over 16 MB; you will get a message that says ?The media file that you have selected is larger than 16 MB.

Go to Settings and tap on Messages. An option called Send Read Receipts can be found here. Toggle it off to disable the ability completely.
When you first receive the message, don?t open the Facebook Messenger app, instead turn on Flight Mode. Then, open the app and read the new message without the sender knowing.

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How do I turn off read recipients?

Manage Read Receipts on Google Messages
Open Messages. Tap the three-dot menu icon. Select Settings. Tap Chat features. Toggle on Send read receipts. Repeat these steps and toggle it off to disable the feature. When this feature is on, your friends will see the word Read and a timestamp under the message.
If you see text 1/2/3 in a small red cloud in the Envelope icon(Notification) in the top-blue bar & you click that, and preview the message, Message will NOT be marked as read. To simplify, Until you actually Go to Messages, click that Specific Message and see it in FULL, no message will be marked as Read.

How can I read my messages without being seen on Iphone?

Tap and long press on the message thread, holding the tap until a message preview pops up on the screen. Scan the message preview to review and read the message, as long as you don?t tap it again you will keep the message in preview mode and be able to read the message without sending a read receipt.


How to turn off Facebook Messenger 1 Click on your profile picture in the top left. 2 Tap Active Status. 3 Use the toggle on top of the screen to turn your Active Status on or off.
And to disable that, you?d need to turn off Active Status. However, turning off Active Status, effectively, seem to be easier said than done. As per Facebook, you?d continue to appear online as long as you don?t turn off the Active Status on all platforms.

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Why you should turn off the status of your Facebook account not just in the Messenger app?

It?s because as you observe if you turn off your Messenger?s active status and once you open your Facebook app your active status in Messenger will be Active Now (green dot).

Hence, the steps remain the same for both, iPhone and Android device. Step #1. Turn On Airplane Mode. Step #2. Open Facebook Messenger on your device and view the Message. Step #3. Quit messenger by Swiping up the App card. Step #4. Turn off Airplane mode. Thought this sounds silly, this is the only trick works like a charm for now.

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