do white cats get more fleas

do white cats get more fleas?

Yes! White cats tend to be less attractive to fleas because they don’t shed their fur like black cats. However, if you want to keep your cat healthy, you should brush them regularly.

do you get female ginger cats?

Yes, I do! Ginger cats are beautiful and fun to watch. They are also quite friendly. Ginger cats are known for their long hair, which they use to groom themselves. Ginger cats are also known for their unique personalities. Some are shy, some are bold, and others are just plain crazy.

do you get used to cat allergies?

Yes, I am allergic to cats. When I was younger, my mom would always try to keep me away from cats, but now I love them!

do you have to walk cats?

Yes, you need to walk cats. If you don’t want to walk cats, then you should find someone who wants to do it for you. The best way to find a cat walking service is to ask around at local pet stores, animal shelters, or veterinary clinics.

do you love my cat?

Yes I love my cat! He is adorable and he loves me too.

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do you need a prescription for revolution for cats?

Yes, you should use Revolution for Cats. This revolutionary product has been proven to help cats live longer, healthier lives. The best part about using Revolution for Cats is that it is completely natural and safe for your cat.

do you prefer dogs or cats?

I like both dogs and cats! However, I love dogs more than cats. They are loyal, loving, and playful. Cats are independent, curious, and mysterious. Both animals are great companions for families.

does a cat c car affect your insurance?

A cat in the car affects your insurance rate. If you have a cat in the car, you may be charged higher rates for having a pet in the vehicle. The reason why is that cats tend to scratch things, and they also emit pheromones that attract other animals. Cats also tend to jump into moving vehicles, which increases the risk of injury.

does a cat know its name?

Yes, cats do know their names! They also know when they?re being called, and respond accordingly. Cats can recognize individual voices, and some cats even learn to associate specific sounds with certain actions.

does a cat remember its owner
Yes! Cats do remember their owners. They also know when they?re home and when they?re away. This means that cats can be trained to use a remote control for example.

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