do neighborhood cats get along

do neighborhood cats get along?

Cats don’t like each other, they just want to eat food from your hand. If you feed them, they will be friendly.

do outside cats have fleas?

Outside cats don’t have fleas because they live indoors where fleas cannot survive. However, inside cats may be infested with fleas because fleas can jump from one cat to another. If you notice any signs of fleas on your cat, such as scratching at his ears or head, then you should contact your vet for treatment.

do rabies shots make cats tired?

Yes, rabies shots make cats sleepy. Cats need to be vaccinated against rabies at least once every three months. The vaccine contains a substance called RabAvert, which causes the cat?s body to produce antibodies that prevent the virus from entering the brain.

do slow feeder bowls work for cats?

Slow feeder bowls work well for cats because they like to eat slowly. The food should be placed at the bottom of the bowl, and the cat should be able to reach it easily. If the food is too high up, the cat may not want to eat it.

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do some cats not purr?

Yes, some cats don’t purr. The reason for this is unknown. However, it has been suggested that cats may be able to purr when they are sick or injured.

do squirt bottles work on cats?

Squirt bottles work great for cats. They love water, and they don’t like getting wet. The best way to use them is to spray the bottle directly into the cat’s mouth. This way, the cat doesn’t have to move around much, and he’ll be able to drink right away.

do stray cats carry rabies?

Yes, stray cats can carry rabies. If you find a cat that has been injured, please contact your local animal control agency for assistance.

do stray cats get attached to one person?

Yes! Stray cats often become attached to one person. This happens when they find someone who feeds them regularly, gives them attention, and lets them sleep near them. If you want to keep a cat for yourself, then you need to be prepared to spend some money on food, toys, and other things that help them feel comfortable around you.

do you have to wash cats?

Yes, you must wash your cat at least once per week. Your cat needs to be bathed regularly to keep him healthy and clean. If you don’t wash your cat, he may become sick and could even die from disease.

does a cat have a favorite person
A cat has a favorite person when they choose to spend time with them. Cats love attention from humans, and they like to be petted, stroked, and played with. If you want to know what a cat?s favorite person is, just ask them!

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