do mothballs keep cats away from your garden

do mothballs keep cats away from your garden?

Mothballs are used for keeping moths away from plants. The smell of mothballs repels insects such as moths and butterflies. They also work well against ants and spiders.

do neutered female cats spray?

Yes, they do! Neutering female cats prevents them from spraying urine and feces outside the litter box. This also helps prevent the spread of disease.

do neutered male cats still have balls?

Yes, they still have testicles. The only difference between a neutered cat and a normal one is that the former has no chance of producing sperm.

do no harm but i m allergic to cats?

If you’re allergic to cats, then you should avoid them at all costs. However, if you’re just curious about how they live, then you can visit a shelter and adopt one.

do older cats accept kittens?

Older cats may be less likely to accept new kittens, but they still love them. If you want to adopt a kitten, consider adopting an adult cat instead. Adult cats tend to be calmer and easier to handle.

do opossums eat cats?

Yes, they do! Opossums are carnivorous marsupials native to Australia. They are also known as possum, wallaby, kangaroo rat, and sugar glider. The opossum has long been considered a pest in Australia, where they prey on birds, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. However, they are also a popular pet for children.

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do oriental shorthair cat honk?

Yes, oriental shorthairs are known for their distinctive high pitched meows. They also tend to be friendly and playful. Oriental shorthairs are considered one of the best breeds for families because they are affectionate and easygoing.

do persian cats have blue eyes?

Persian cats have blue eyes. The color of their eyes depends on the breed they belong to. Persians have blue eyes because of the gene called “blue” which is dominant in them.

do rescue cats remember their past?

Yes! Rescue cats remember their past experiences and they often want to be rescued again. If you find a cat at a shelter, you should try to adopt them. Cats who were abused or neglected may need some extra attention when they first come home. However, after a while, they usually become independent and start acting like normal cats.

do short hair cats shed more
Short hair cats shed less than long haired cats. However, they still shed some hair. The amount depends on how much hair they have. If you want to know how much hair your cat sheds, look at his fur coat. If he has no fur coat, then he probably doesn’t shed too much.

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