do dogs hate cats

do dogs hate cats?

Dogs love cats, and they don’t like other animals. However, some dogs may dislike cats for no apparent reason. If you want to know whether your dog hates cats, try asking him/her what he thinks about cats. If he doesn’t like them, then he probably hates cats.

do domestic shorthair cats shed?

Domestic shorthair cats shed less than other breeds of cat. The average shedding period for a domestic shorthair cat is about 6 months. This means that they don’t need to be brushed as often as other breeds.

do fixed cats spray?

Fixed cats don’t spray, they just pee. If you want to prevent your cat from spraying, you need to keep them indoors. However, if your cat has been trained to use a litter box, then he should be fine.

do hairless cats have whiskers?

Yes, they do! Hairless cats have whiskers, which are actually called vibrissae. They help cats feel around objects and navigate through space. Cats also use them to communicate with each other.

do hotels allow cats?

Yes! Most hotels allow pets, however some require a fee for each pet. If you want to bring your cat along, be prepared to pay a fee at check-in.

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do huskies get along with cats?

Huskies get along well with other dogs, but they don’t like cats. They may chase them, but they usually won’t attack them unless provoked. If you have a cat, keep it inside when you’re away from home.

do indoor cats need flea treatment?

Yes, cats should be treated for fleas at least once a year. Flea treatments are safe for cats and dogs, but they must be used carefully. If you use too much product, you may cause vomiting or diarrhea.

do long haired cats shed more?

Long hair cats shed less than short hair cats. The amount of hair that they shed depends on how much fur they have. If they have thick coats, then they may shed more.

do male cats eat kittens?

Yes, they do! Male cats will often kill and eat kittens. This behavior is called kitten cannibalism. Kitten cannibalism is common among feral cats, which are wild cats that live outside. However, domestic cats are usually raised inside, where they don’t have access to other animals. If a cat has been raised around other cats, he may be less likely to kill them.

do male cats get along
Male cats get along well, but they may fight each other for territory. If you want to prevent fights, you should keep them separated from one another when they are young. Also, be careful about where you place your cat?s litter box, since he may try to mark his territory.

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