do cats smell bad

do cats smell bad?

Yes, they do! Cats are known for having a strong sense of smell, which makes them great hunters. However, some cat owners find that their cat smells like fish when they go outside. This is caused by the cat licking itself after eating.

do cats trim their own nails?

Yes, cats trim their own nails. They use their claws to groom themselves, and they also use them to scratch furniture. Cats’ nails grow at different rates, depending on breed and age. Some breeds of cat have longer nails than others. The length of a cat’s nail depends on how often it uses its claws. Nail clipping is recommended for all felines, especially older ones.

do cats understand no?

Yes, they do! Cats understand “no” when they want something. They also understand “yes”, “maybe”, and “I don’t know”. If you say “no” to them, they may look at you like you’re crazy. However, if you say “yes” to them, they’ll be happy for hours.

do coyotes attack cats?

Yes, they do! Coyotes are known for attacking domestic animals such as dogs and cats. They are also known to be aggressive towards humans, especially children. If you encounter a coyote near your home, try to avoid eye contact and run away from them.

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do dogs eat cat poop?

Yes, dogs do eat cat poop. Cats use their feces to mark territory, and dogs like to play with them. So, when you find a pile of fresh cat poop, don’t be surprised if your dog starts eating it.

do female cats bleed when in heat?

Female cats don’t bleed when they’re in heat, but they may be aggressive and territorial. If you want to prevent pregnancy, you should use birth control pills.

do indoor cats need heartworm prevention?

Yes, they do! Heartworms are parasites that live inside the cat?s blood vessels. They cause serious health issues for cats, such as coughing, weight loss, lethargy, and other symptoms. The best way to prevent heartworm disease is to give your cat preventive medication twice a year.

do indoor cats need vaccines?

Yes, cats should be vaccinated against rabies. Vaccination is important for all animals, especially those who live indoors. Rabid animals can spread the disease through bites and scratches.

do male cats have balls?

Yes, they do! Male cats have testicles just like humans. However, they don’t use them for reproduction. Instead, they keep them hidden inside their body until they need them. This is called cryptorchidism.

do male cats still spray after being neutered
Yes, male cats still spray after they’ve been neutered. The only difference is that they don’t use urine to mark territory anymore. They’ll still urinate outside of their litter box, but they won’t leave any scent marks.

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