do cats see in black and white

do cats see in black and white?

Cats see in color. They use their whiskers to detect movement and smell. They also have a great sense of hearing. However, they cannot distinguish between light and dark colors.

do cats wag their tails?

Yes, they do! Cats wag their tails when they are happy, excited, or just want attention. They also wag their tails when greeting other animals, such as dogs.

do female cats mark their territory?

Female cats mark their territory using urine. They spray urine from their rear end to communicate their territory to other females. The urine contains pheromones which attract males who then attempt to mate with the female. If they don’t succeed, they leave the area.

do foxes kill cats?

Yes, they do! Foxes are predators who eat small animals such as rabbits, squirrels, birds, and other mammals. They also eat fish, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. Foxes are nocturnal hunters, and they hunt at dusk and dawn. Foxes live in wooded areas, grasslands, deserts, and mountains.

do ladybug and cat noir end up together?

Ladybugs and cats don’t usually end up together. However, they both like to eat aphids and other insects. They also both love to play outside.

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do siberian cats shed?

Yes, Siberian cats shed. They also have the highest rate of shedding among domestic cats. The average cat sheds about 2 times per year, although some cats may shed more frequently. Shedding usually occurs when the coat gets too long and begins to mat together. If you want to keep your cat?s fur nice and clean, be sure to brush them regularly.

does declawing a cat hurt them?

Declawing a cat hurts them because they lose their claws. The procedure is painful for both the cat and the owner. Most cats do not like the procedure, and some owners may be forced to put down their pets due to pain.

does my cat have fleas?

Yes, cats do have fleas. The best way to prevent them from spreading is to keep your cat indoors. If they must be outside, then use a flea comb to remove any fleas that may be present. Fleas can also be treated with a topical insecticide such as Advantage Multi for Cats.

how big do tabby cats get?

Tabby cats grow up to be about 10 pounds. They are medium sized cats, which means they are between 7 and 14 inches tall. Their coat color varies from light to dark brown.

how can you tell the age of a cat
The best way to determine the age of a cat is to look at its teeth. If a cat has all of his/her adult teeth, then he/she is probably about 2 years old. However, if a cat only has some of his/her adult tooth, then he/she may be anywhere from 1 year old to 6 months old.

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