do cats really eat mice

do cats really eat mice?

Yes, cats really eat mice. However, they don’t like to eat them alive. They prefer to kill them first, then eat them later.

do cats see in color or black and white?

Cats see in color, but they also see in black and white. They use their whiskers to detect movement, which helps them determine whether something is moving towards them or away from them. This ability to distinguish between light and dark makes it easier for them to see things at night.

do cats shed their whiskers?

Yes, they do. Cats lose their whiskers when they’re young, and grow new ones later on. This process takes about two months.

do cats smell better than dogs?

Yes, cats smell better than dogs. Cats use their sense of smell to find food, while dogs rely on their sense of hearing. Dogs also tend to be more aggressive towards other animals, whereas cats are usually much friendlier.

do cats stink?

Yes, they do! Cats smell bad due to their diet. They eat dry food which contains high amounts of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. These foods cause them to produce large amounts of ammonia, which causes them to smell.

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do cats stop purring when they are dying?

Yes! Cats stop purring when they’re about to die. This is called “death rattle”. The cat stops purring because it knows it’s going to die soon.

do cats sweat through their paws?

Yes, they do! Cats sweat through their paws to keep cool. They also use their paws to groom themselves, which helps them remove dead skin cells.

do cats wag their tails when they re happy?

Yes, cats wag their tails whenever they are happy. This is called “tail wagging” and it is a natural behavior for cats. Cats use tail wagging to communicate with each other and also to show affection. Tail wagging is one of the first signs of cat happiness.

do cats wear collars?

Yes, they do! Cats wear collars for identification purposes. Collar tags are attached to a cat’s collar when he/she is adopted from a shelter. The tag contains information about the cat such as name, age, breed, color, weight, and medical history. This helps shelters and rescues know which cats need additional care after adoption.

do coyotes leave cat remains
Yes, they do. Coyotes eat cats for food and also use them as a source of protein. They may kill a cat for food, then carry the body away from the area where they killed it. Coyotes also use cat carcasses as a source of water when they are thirsty.

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