do cats play

do cats play?

Yes they do! Cats love to play and chase balls. They also like to jump up onto counters and tables. If you want to know how to train your cat to be a better pet, then check out our article here:

do cats prefer hot or cold weather?

Cats like both hot and cold weather. They also love water and food. If they don’t get what they want, they may become ill.

do cats puke for attention?

Yes, they do. Cats love to play with toys, especially balls. If you throw a ball at them, they may try to catch it, but they also like to chase after it. When they find something interesting, they will often roll around in it or eat it. This is why when you leave food out for your cat, he might be tempted to eat it.

do cats purr to self soothe?

Yes, cats purr to themselves to calm down when they’re feeling stressed out. They also use purring to communicate with each other. Purring is a form of communication used between mother cats and kittens. Cats purr to show affection for one another, and to let others know they are safe.

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do cats purr when they are alone?

Yes, cats purr when they’re alone. They don’t purr when they’re with other cats or dogs. Cats purr for different reasons. Some purr to show affection, others just like to be stroked.

do cats see in colour or black and white?

Cats see in color, but they also see in black and white. They use both eyes at the same time to create a three dimensional image.

do cats shed in the spring?

Yes, cats shed all year long. However, they tend to be most active during springtime when they’re looking for new homes. If you want to keep your home free from cat hair, try using a vacuum cleaner with a pet hair bag attachment.

do cats shower?

Yes, cats do shower! Cats use water to clean themselves, just like we humans do. They also use water to keep their fur soft and shiny.

do cats spray people?

Yes, cats spray people. Cats spray when they feel threatened, which usually happens when they want something from us. They may also spray when they are angry, or when they are trying to mark territory. If you find yourself covered in cat urine, don’t panic! Just wash it off immediately with soap and water.

do cats still spray if neutered
Yes, cats still spray when they are neutered. The only difference is that the urine comes out through the penis instead of the anus. Neutering also prevents them from spraying outside the litter box.

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