do cats eat houseplants

do cats eat houseplants?

Yes, they do! Cats love eating houseplants, especially when they are young. They may also be attracted to the smell of plants. If you want to keep your houseplant safe from hungry felines, place it in a pot filled with pebbles.

do cats eat one of their kittens?

Yes, they do. Cats kill up to 10% of their young each year. The reasons for kitten mortality vary from illness to starvation.

do cats eat poinsettias?

Yes, they love them! They also like other types of flowers such as daffodils, tulips, roses, and carnations. However, they don’t like Christmas trees, which is why they should be taken down after the holidays.

do cats eat rats and mice?

Yes, they do! Cats eat rodents such as mice and rats. They also eat other small animals like lizards and snakes.

do cats eating habits change as they get older?

Cats eat different things when they grow up. They start off eating dry food, then move onto wet food, and finally meat. As they age, they tend to eat less and less meat, and more and more vegetables.

do cats eyes change color at night?

Yes, cats eyes change color at nighttime. Cats eyes are made up of two different types of lenses, one for daytime vision and another for nighttime vision. The daytime lens has a yellowish tint while the nighttime lens has a bluish tint. When light hits the eye, the blue tint becomes visible.

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do cats fake illness for attention?

Yes! Cats often pretend to be sick when they want something from us. They may look at us with sad eyes, meow loudly, rub against our legs, or even vomit. This behavior is called “faking” and is common among cats. Faking is also used by dogs and other animals to gain attention.

do cats fart out loud?

Yes, they do! Cats often emit a loud “meow” when they defecate. This sound is made by air escaping from the anus through the anal sphincter muscle. The noise is caused by the sudden release of gas pressure inside the rectum.

do cats feel bad after vaccinations?

Cats don’t feel any pain when they receive vaccines. However, some veterinarians recommend giving them a sedative before administering the vaccine. This helps reduce stress during the procedure.

do cats feel cold outside
Cats don’t feel cold, they just don’t like to be wet. They also don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. If you want to keep them warm, put a blanket around them. Also, make sure they have plenty of food and water.

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