can you use visine in a cat’s eye

can you use visine in a cat’s eye?

Yes, you can use Visine for cats’ eyes. However, you should be careful when using it because it may cause irritation to the cat’s eye. If you want to use it, you should dilute the solution with water first.

can you use zymox on cats?

Zymox is a prescription medication used for treating bacterial infections in humans. However, it has been approved by the FDA for use in dogs and cats. The drug contains tetracycline, which is also found in other medications such as doxycycline and minocycline.

can you walk a cat with a leash?

Yes, you can walk a cat with a lead. The only problem is that cats don’t like to be walked. If you want to try walking a cat with a lead, then you should first find out what kind of cat you’re dealing with. Some cats love to be walked, while others hate it.

can your cat have allergies?

Yes, cats can have allergies. If your cat has been scratching at his eyes or ears, he may be allergic to something. The best way to treat your cat?s allergy symptoms is to keep him away from the source of the problem.

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can your cat od on catnip?

Yes, cats love catnip! The smell of catnip makes them feel relaxed and sleepy. If you want to give your cat some catnip, just put some catnip in his food bowl, or sprinkle some on top of his bed.

did that cat just talk?

Yes, cats do speak! They use a variety of sounds to communicate with each other. Cats also use body language to express themselves. A cat may purr when they are happy, meow when they want food, hiss when they are angry, and growl when they are protecting their territory.

did you say anything cat in the hat?

Yes I said something cat in the hat.

do a cat sound?

A cat sound is a high pitched squeal made when a cat jumps up onto something. The sound is caused by air rushing past the cat?s teeth and through the narrow gap between them. If you want to know how to make a cat sound, then watch this video:

do all cats have fangs?

Yes, all cats have fangs. However, some cats have longer fangs than others. The length of a cat?s fang depends on genetics. Some breeds of cats have longer fangs, such as the Maine Coon, Persian, and Siamese.

do all cats have whiskers above their eyes
Yes, all cats have whiskers around their eyes. The whisker is called “whiskery” and it is used for grooming and scratching. Whiskers also help cats feel secure and keep them from getting lost.

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