can my neutered cat still spray

can my neutered cat still spray?

Yes, your neutered cat can still spray. If he has been spayed, then he cannot produce sperm anymore. However, he may still be able to ejaculate urine. The best way to prevent him from spraying is to keep him away from areas where he could urinate.

can neutered cats be in heat?

Yes, neutered cats can still be in heat. A female cat may show signs of heat such as increased urination, aggression towards other cats, and excessive grooming. Neutering a male cat prevents him from becoming sexually active and therefore he cannot become pregnant.

can neutered male cats be in heat?

Yes, neutered male cats can be in heat. However, they do not produce any sperm and cannot mate. If you want to know how to tell whether your cat is in heat, check out our article here.

can newborn babies be allergic to cats?

Yes, newborns can be allergic to cat dander. The best way to prevent allergies in children is to keep them away from cats and other furry animals for at least 6 months after birth. If they do become allergic, then they should avoid contact with cats until they outgrow the allergy.

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can older cats get along with kittens?

Older cats can be great pets for younger ones. However, they may need some training to learn how to behave around kids. They also need to be spayed or neutered, since they cannot reproduce.

can orange female cats have kittens?

Orange female cats cannot have kittens. The color orange is associated with fertility, and orange cat females are infertile. However, some orange male cats can be fertile, and they may produce offspring.

can overfeeding a cat cause diarrhea?

Overfeeding a cat can cause diarrhea. The problem is that cats don’t eat much food at one sitting. They need to eat small meals throughout the day. If they eat too much at once, they may vomit.

can parvo be cured in cats?

Yes, parvovirus can be treated in cats. The best way to treat parvovirus is to give your cat a dose of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps prevent the virus from multiplying in your cat?s body. If your cat has already been infected with parvovirus, then you should call your veterinarian immediately.

can persian cats eat human food?

Persian cats can eat human food, but they need to be fed separately from other pets. They also require a lot of attention and care. If you want to keep them at home, then you should feed them twice a day.

can revolution for cats be used on dogs
Yes, revolution for cats can be used on dogs. Revolution for cats is a product that helps pets to stop barking. This product works by using a revolutionary technology called ultrasonic sound waves. The device emits high frequency sounds into the air around the dog?s head. When these high frequency sounds hit the dog?s ears, they cause them to vibrate at a higher rate than normal. This causes the dog?s brain to interpret the vibrations as noise, which results in the dog stopping barking.

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