can i worm a pregnant cat

can i worm a pregnant cat?

Yes, you can worm a pregnant cat. Worming cats is a common practice for controlling fleas and other parasites. The best way to worm a pregnant cat is to use a combination of worming medication and a topical treatment such as Advantage Multi Plus.

can indoor cats find their way home if lost?

Yes, they can! Cats have excellent vision and smell, and they use these senses to navigate through their environment. They also have a natural instinct to follow a scent trail back to their owner. If you lose your cat indoors, try leaving food out for them so they can find their way home.

can indoor cats get cat flu?

Yes, cats can get feline leukemia virus, which causes feline AIDS. This disease is similar to HIV/AIDS in humans, but is less contagious and has a shorter incubation period. Feline AIDS is fatal for domestic cats, but is treatable for those who catch it early. The best way to prevent feline AIDS is to keep your cat indoors and away from other animals.

can indoor cats go outside?

Yes, indoor cats can go outside when they want to. However, outdoor cats should be kept inside during the winter months. Outdoor cats must be vaccinated against rabies, and microchipped. They also need to wear collars with identification tags.

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can indoor cats go outside on a leash?

Yes, indoor cats can go out on a leash. However, they should be supervised at all times. Outdoor cats need to be kept inside for safety reasons. If you want to let your cat go outside, you must first teach him how to use a collar and leash.

can kitten food cause diarrhea in older cats?

Yes, kittens should be fed a diet that contains less protein and fat, and more fiber. Kittens need to eat small meals throughout the day, and they should always be offered fresh water. If you feed your cat dry food, then you may want to consider switching to wet food. Dry foods contain too much salt, which can lead to kidney damage.

can kittens eat cat biscuits?

Yes, they can. Kittens love eating cat food. They’re just like dogs when it comes to food.

can kittens eat dry cat food?

Dry kitty food is made for cats who are older than 2 years old. If your kitten is younger than 2 years old, he/she needs wet food. Kittens need about 1 cup of dry food per 10 pounds of body weight.

can litter make a cat sick?

Litter makes cats sick, and they don’t like it! Cats hate having to clean up after themselves, but when they do, they often vomit. If your cat has been vomiting for several days, he may be suffering from a parasite infection. He needs to be treated immediately.

can long haired cats get haircuts
Yes, they can! Long haired cats can be groomed just like any other cat. The only difference is that you may need to use a comb instead of a brush. If you want to learn how to cut your cat?s hair, check out our article here.

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