can i put diatomaceous earth on my cat

can i put diatomaceous earth on my cat?

Yes, you can use Diatomaceous Earth for your cat. However, it should be used only when necessary. The best way to apply DE is to sprinkle it directly into the litter box. This will help keep the litter clean and fresh.

can i take my cat for a walk?

Yes, you can take your cat for a walk. However, you should be careful when taking your pet outside. Make sure that your cat has a collar and tags, and that he/she wears identification at all times. Also, keep your cat inside during thunderstorms, and do not let him/her run free in the rain.

can i track my cat with a microchip?

Yes, you can use a microchip to track your cat. The microchips are small pieces of metal that are implanted under the skin. They are used for identification purposes and they are also used to identify lost pets. If your pet gets lost, you can find out where he/she is using a scanner.

can male cats get uti?

Yes, male cats can get UTI. Male cats may also develop kidney disease.

can methimazole for cats be crushed in soft food?

Yes, you can crush methimazole for pets in soft food. However, it is important to note that the dosage must be reduced when crushing methimazole for dogs. The recommended dose is 1 mg/kg twice daily.

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can my cat die from hematoma?

Yes, cats can die from hematomas. Hematomas are blood clots inside the body. They usually form when a vein bursts due to trauma or surgery. The clot may break off and travel through the bloodstream until it reaches another part of the body where it causes damage. If the clot breaks off in the brain, it can cause stroke or other neurological damage.

can my cat eat cheese?

Yes, cats love cheese! They also like milk, yogurt, and other dairy products. If you want to feed your cat cheese, you should put it in a small dish and let them sniff it first. Cats do not like strong smells, so they may not be interested in eating cheese unless it has been cut into smaller pieces.

can my dog be allergic to cats?

Yes, dogs can be allergic to cats. The best way to prevent your pet from having an allergy to cat hair is to keep them away from cats. If they do come into contact with cat hair, wash them immediately with a mild soap and water solution.

can people eat cat food?

Yes, people do eat cat food. However, they usually don’t like it. The main problem with eating cat food is that cats don’t really care about what they eat. They just want to eat! If you feed them human food, they might start growing whiskers and liking it.

can puppies get parvo from cats
Yes, parvovirus can be transmitted from dogs to cats. The virus is usually spread through feces and saliva. Parvovirus causes diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration in both animals.

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