can hotel ask for service dog papers

can hotel ask for service dog papers?

Yes, hotels can ask for proof of service animal papers. However, they cannot require them. If you are traveling with a service animal, be prepared to provide documentation at check-in. The best way to avoid any issues is to bring copies of your service animal papers with you when you arrive.

can hotels ask for service dog papers?

Yes, they can ask for proof of service animal papers. However, they cannot require them. If you do not provide the paperwork, then you may be fined up to $1,000 per violation.

can humans catch kennel cough from dogs?

Yes, humans can catch kennel cough when they come into contact with infected animals. Kennel cough is caused by bacteria called Bordetella bronchiseptica. The disease is spread through respiratory droplets produced during coughing, sneezing, or talking. Dogs who are carriers of the disease may be able to infect other dogs and cats.

can i afford a dog?

Yes, you can afford a dog! If you want to know how much money you need to save for a dog, check out our calculator at

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can i bring my dog in a lyft?

Yes, you can bring your pet in a Lyft car. However, we do ask that you keep your pets in a crate during the ride. We also recommend that you clean up after them when they defecate or urinate.

can i brush my dog’s teeth with regular toothpaste?

Yes, you can use regular toothpaste for brushing your dog’s teeth. However, you should be careful when using any kind of toothpaste for dogs because some ingredients may cause irritation. The best way to clean your dog’s teeth is to brush them with a soft bristle brush.

can i bury my dog in the backyard in california?

Yes, you can bury your dog in California, but you need to be careful about how you do it. Burying dogs in California requires permits from the Department of Fish & Wildlife. If you want to bury your dog in California you must first obtain a permit from the department. The permit process includes submitting a request for a permit, which includes information such as the location where the burial will occur, the size of the grave, and the name of the person who buried the animal. After receiving approval from the department, you may then apply for a permit to bury your pet.

can i change my dog’s name?

Yes, you can change your dog?s name. However, you should consider the legal implications of changing your dog?s last name. If you want to change your dog? s name, you must first go through the process of getting a new license for your dog. The process varies depending on where you live.

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can i claim my emotional support dog on my taxes?

Yes, you can claim your emotional support dog on your taxes. The IRS allows taxpayers to deduct up to $1300 per year for the care of a service animal. However, you must be able to prove that your dog has been trained to provide assistance to you. If you cannot show proof of training, then you may only deduct the amount that exceeds what you would normally spend on food and shelter.

can i deworm my dog myself
Yes, you can deworm your dog yourself. The best way to do this is to mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into a bowl of water and pour it down his throat. This should be done twice a week for about two weeks. If you want to know how to deworm your dog yourself, please visit our website at

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