can dogs watermelon

can dogs watermelon?

Yes! Dogs love watermelon just like humans do. They also love eating it off the ground, and they don’t mind getting dirty. If you want to feed them watermelon, be careful not to let them eat too much at once, as they can become sick from ingesting too much sugar.

can dogs with pancreatitis eat tuna?

Yes, they can eat tuna. However, it is important to know that tuna contains high levels of mercury which can be toxic for dogs. If your dog has been diagnosed with pancreatitis, you should consult your veterinarian about what foods he/she can safely consume.

can doxycycline be crushed for dogs?

Doxycycline is used to treat various bacterial infections such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, brucellosis, and anaplasmosis. The drug is also used to prevent tickborne diseases such as babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, and bartonellosis. Doxycycline is available in tablet form and liquid suspension.

can emotional support dogs go into stores?

Yes, emotional support animals can enter any store where pets are allowed. However, they must be kept under control at all times, and cannot disturb other customers. If a pet owner has a service animal, he/she may bring them inside the store.

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can feline leukemia be passed to dogs?

Yes, cats can pass feline leukemia virus to dogs. This means that if a cat has been diagnosed with FIV, then it should be tested for FeLV. If the test comes back positive, then the cat should be treated immediately. The best way to prevent FeLV from spreading to other animals is to keep your cat indoors.

can female dogs have periods?

Female dogs do not have menstrual cycles like humans. However, they still experience hormonal changes during pregnancy, which causes them to grow hair around their nipples.

can female dogs hump?

Female dogs can hump other females, but they cannot hump males. Humping is a sexual behavior in which one dog mounts another dog from behind. The male dog usually initiates humping by mounting the female dog from behind. This position is called “rear mount.” If the female dog is receptive, she may allow the male dog to continue rear mounting her. However, if the female dog is not interested, she may push him away.

can garlic hurt dogs?

Garlic has been used for centuries to treat various ailments. However, it should be avoided by pregnant women and those who suffer from high blood pressure. The best way to use garlic is to chop up a clove and rub it all over the dog?s coat. This will help repel fleas and ticks, and keep them away from the skin.

can giardia be passed from dog to dog?

Giardia is a parasite found in dogs and cats. The parasite can be transmitted through feces, urine, or contaminated water. If you suspect your pet has been infected, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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can guide dogs be black
Yes, they can! Guide dogs are trained to help blind people navigate through life. They are usually white, but some are black. The best way to find out whether your dog is black is to ask the breeder. If he/she says no, then you know you’re looking at a white dog.

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