can cats vomit up worms

can cats vomit up worms?

Yes, cats can vomit up worms! This is called coprophagia, and it is common among felines. The worm may be alive or dead, and it could come from any part of the cat?s body. If the cat vomits up a live worm, then it needs to be treated immediately.

can cats wag their tails?

Yes, cats can wag their tails. Cats use their tail muscles to keep balance while walking. They also use their tail for communication. When they want to communicate something, they wag their tail.

can dogs get leukemia from a cat?

Yes, cats can transmit feline leukemia virus (FeLV) to dogs. The risk of FeLV infection for dogs depends on the age of the dog when infected, the strain of FeLV, and whether the cat has been vaccinated against FeLV. If the cat was exposed to FeLV at birth, then the chance of transmission to the dog is high. However, if the cat was exposed after 6 months of age, then the chances of transmission are much lower.

can dogs get sick from eating cat feces?

Yes, cats and dogs can both get sick from eating cat poop. The bacteria in cat feces can cause diarrhea and vomiting in dogs. If you want to keep your dog healthy, don?t let him eat cat feces.

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can dogs hear better than cats?

Yes, dogs can hear much better than cats. Dogs have three times more hearing cells in their inner ear than cats do. This means they can pick up sounds at lower frequencies than cats can.

can dogs or cats see better in the dark?

Yes, they can! Cats and dogs have superior night vision compared to humans. They use infrared light to detect movement, which is why they are able to see much farther away than we do.

can dogs safely eat canned cat food?

Yes, dogs can safely eat canned cat food. However, they should be fed only dry kibble for optimal nutrition. Canned foods contain too much salt and fat, which can cause kidney stones.

can ear mites cause deafness in cats?

Ear mites can be a problem for cats, especially when they are young. They can cause inflammation of the ears, which may lead to hearing loss. The best way to prevent ear mite infestation is to keep your cat indoors, where he cannot reach his ears. If your cat has already been diagnosed with ear mites, then you should treat him with an oral medication.

can female cats be spayed when in heat?

Female cats cannot be spayed while they are in heat. This is because the cat would become sterile. However, male cats can be neutered during any season.

can fip spread to other cats
Yes, FIP spreads from cat to cat through direct contact with saliva or urine. The virus is also transmitted via contaminated food and water bowls. Symptoms include fever, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and weight loss. There is no treatment for FIP, and the only way to prevent infection is to vaccinate against calicivirus.

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