can cats taste sweet stuff

can cats taste sweet stuff?

Yes! Cats love sweets too. They can eat up to 20 pounds of food per year. However, they do not like chocolate. If you want to give them some treats, try giving them dry cat biscuits or freeze dried liver.

can cats tell if you re sick?

Yes, cats can sense when someone is ill. They know when they should be fed, and when they need to go outside. If you are feeling under the weather, try to keep them away from you. Cats also know when you are sad, and will rub against you for comfort.

can cats tolerate cold?

Yes, cats can tolerate cold temperatures. However, they should be kept inside during extreme cold. If you need to leave them outside, then cover them up with blankets.

can cats travel on trains?

Yes, cats can travel on trains. However, they must be kept inside the train during the journey. If a cat escapes from the train, it could cause serious damage to the train and other passengers.

can cats understand other cats?

Cats can understand each other, however they do not have language skills. They communicate through body language, facial expressions, and sounds.

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can cats use human eye drops?

Yes, cats can use eye drops. They just need to be taught how to do it. Cats are naturally curious animals, and they love learning new things. If you teach them how to use eye drops, they will learn quickly.

can cats watch videos?

Yes, cats can watch videos! Cats love watching videos, especially when they are kittens. They also like to play with toys that move around.

can cats wear harnesses?

Yes, they can wear harnesses! Cats love wearing them, and they look cute while doing so. However, you should be careful when buying a harness for your cat because some of them are made from leather, which is toxic for cats. If you want to buy a harness for your cat, then you need to check whether it is safe for your pet.

can conjunctivitis cause blindness in cats?

Yes, cat conjunctivitis can be extremely painful for both the cat and owner. The condition usually occurs when a cat rubs his eyes against something irritating like a carpet or a window screen. If left untreated, the inflammation may spread into the eye causing permanent damage.

can dog eat cat
Yes, dogs can eat cats. However, they don’t like it. Dogs usually try to avoid eating cats, but when they do eat them, they usually vomit them up.

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