can cats spray when they are fixed

can cats spray when they are fixed?

Yes, cats can spray when they are fixed, but it is rare. The main cause of spraying is stress, which may be caused by a change in environment, such as moving from one home to another. If your cat sprays frequently, try to find out why he is stressed, and then help him cope with his anxiety.

can cats stay at home alone?

Yes, cats can stay at home alone for long periods of time. However, they need to be supervised closely. Cats should be fed regularly, and given plenty of exercise. They also need to be kept away from other animals, especially dogs. If you don’t want to keep them inside all the time, then you may want to consider getting a cat carrier.

can cats stay in hotels?

Yes, cats can stay in hotels. However, they must be kept under control at all times. The hotel staff should provide food and water for them, and clean up after them. If you want to bring your cat along when traveling, you need to find a pet friendly hotel.

can cats still climb with nail caps?

Yes, cats can still climb with nail caps. Nail caps are made from plastic and rubber, which are both soft materials. Cats can easily remove these types of nail caps.

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can cats survive in the winter outside?

Yes, cats can survive in the cold weather. However, they need shelter from wind and rain. If you live in a city, you should consider getting a cat carrier for them. Otherwise, they may freeze to death.

can cats survive on vegetarian diet?

Yes, cats can live on a vegetarian diet, but they need to be fed a high quality protein source such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese, yogurt, etc. Cats should also be given plenty of water and fresh vegetables.

can cats take apoquel?

Yes, cats can take apoquel. Apoquinel is used for treating insomnia, anxiety, and depression. The active ingredient is quetiapine fumarate. This medication should be taken once daily at bedtime. Do not stop taking this medication suddenly unless instructed to do so by your doctor.

can cats take cetirizine?

Cetirizine is used for treating allergies such as hay fever and seasonal allergic rhinitis. Cats cannot metabolize cetirizine, so they should be given another antihistamine instead.

can cats teeth?

Yes, cats can have teeth! However, they don’t need them for eating. Cats use their sharp fangs to fight other animals, and also to defend themselves from predators. The fangs are located at the back of the mouth, between the upper and lower jaw.

can cats teeth get too long
Yes, they can! Cats’ teeth can grow longer than normal when they’re fed too much food. The extra weight causes the jawbone to stretch out, which makes the cat’s mouth bigger. This condition is called hyperdontia, and it usually occurs in older cats. If your cat has been eating large amounts of dry food for a while, he may be at risk.

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