can cats have vinegar

can cats have vinegar?

Cats can’t have vinegar, but they do like to eat cat food. If you want to give them something else to eat, try giving them some chicken broth.

can cats overheat?

Yes, cats can overheat. If they do not have access to water, they may drink too much water. This causes them to sweat excessively which leads to overheating. Cats should be kept cool during hot days, and given plenty of fresh water.

can cats see?

Yes, cats can see colors, shapes, movement, and light. They also hear sounds, smell odors, and taste food. Cats have a retina that contains rods and cones, which are similar to those found in humans. However, they do not have a pineal gland, which is responsible for producing melatonin.

can cats see colors like humans?

Cats cannot see color, they only see black and white. However, they do have some vision. They can see movement, shadows, and reflections.

can cats sense cancer?

Yes, they can. Cats can detect cancer through smell. They can also detect cancer from urine samples.

can cats sense emotions?

Yes, cats can sense emotions. They use body language and facial expressions to communicate with each other. Cats also understand human speech and respond to commands.

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can cats sense illness in humans?

Yes, cats can sense when someone has cancer. They do this by smelling the person?s breath. If they smell something unusual, they may start scratching at the spot where the odor comes from. This is called ?scratching upwind.? Cats also use their whiskers to detect odors.

can cats sense sickness?

Yes, cats can sense when someone is sick. They do this by smelling the air around them. If they smell something bad, they will try to avoid it. This is why you should always keep your cat away from sick people.

can cats tell if your pregnant?

Cats can’t tell if you’re pregnant, but they can be helpful when it comes to keeping track of your baby’s growth. If you want to know how big your baby is, you can use a measuring tape, or ask your vet for a weight chart.

can cats understand words
Cats can understand human language, but they don’t speak English. They do however use body language to communicate with humans. A cat will look at us when we talk to them, and they may purr when they like what we say.

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