can cats have rimadyl

can cats have rimadyl?

Rimadyl is used for treating pain caused by arthritis, muscle spasms, and other conditions. The active ingredient is carprofen, which is also found in prescription drugs like Roxicet and Anaprox. Cats cannot metabolize carprofen, so they should avoid taking Rimadyl. If your cat has ingested Rimadyl, contact your veterinarian immediately.

can cats have shellfish?

Yes, they can! Shellfish allergies are rare, but when they do occur, they can be severe. If you suspect that your cat has a shellfish allergy, consult your veterinarian immediately.

can cats heal their wounds by licking?

Yes, cats can lick themselves clean after getting hurt. They use their tongues to remove dirt from their fur and then they lick their fur to remove any remaining debris. This process helps them feel better and heals their wounds faster.

can cats hear humans?

Cats can hear humans, but they don’t understand what we say. They just know when someone is talking to them.

can cats hear mouse repellers?

Yes, cats can hear mouse repellents. The best way to protect your cat from mice is to keep them indoors. If they must go outside, put down some peanut butter or cheese on the floor where the cat likes to eat. This will help deter mice.

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can cats hurt their tails?

Yes, cats can hurt their tails when they jump off furniture or fall from high places. Cats’ tails are made up of cartilage, which is much softer than bone, and can be easily damaged. If your cat falls from a height, he may land on his tail, causing injury. The best thing to do is immediately pick him up and hold him until he stops shaking. Do not try to put pressure on the area where your cat landed.

can cats ingest coconut oil?

Yes, cats can eat coconut oil. However, they should be fed small amounts at first, and then gradually increase the amount until they reach the recommended daily intake for adult cats.

can cats lactate without being pregnant?

Yes, cats can lactate without being pregnant. Lactation occurs when a female cat gives birth to kittens. The mother cat?s milk is stored in her mammary glands, which produce milk during pregnancy and after giving birth.

can cats live alone?

Yes, cats can live alone. However, they need company at times. Cats like to be around other animals, especially dogs. They also love to play with toys, and spend hours grooming themselves. If you want to keep them company, you should consider getting another cat.

can cats live off dry food only
Dry cat food is the best option for cats because they don’t require water. However, some cats do need wet food occasionally. If your cat needs wet food, then you should feed them twice a week.

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