can cats eat cottage cheese

can cats eat cottage cheese?

Cottage cheese is made from milk that has been curdled into small pieces. Cats cannot digest milk, so they do not like cottage cheese. However, some cats may be able to tolerate cottage cheese if it is mixed with other foods.

can cats eat ground beef?

Yes, cats can eat ground beef. However, they should be fed raw meat for best results.

can cats eat raw bacon?

Yes, cats can eat raw bacon. They may be allergic to some types of meat, however. If they do not react well to cooked bacon, try cooking it first.

can cats eat shrimp tails?

Yes, they can! Shrimp tails are full of protein and vitamins. They are also delicious. However, it is important to remember that shrimp tails contain bones which may be harmful for cats. So, when feeding them, make sure to remove the bones first.

can cats feel their tail?

Cats do not feel their tails, they just know where it is. They use their whiskers to detect movement and vibrations.

can cats get dizzy?

Yes, cats can get dizzy when they fall off of high places. Cats also get dizzy when they jump from one place to another. This is called “cat vertigo”.

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can cats get jealous?

Yes, cats can be jealous. They may try to bite or scratch the other cat when they feel threatened. Cats also become jealous when they see another cat getting attention from humans.

can cats get poison ivy?

Yes, cats can get poison ivy. The best way to prevent cat from getting poison ivy is to keep them away from areas where they could come into contact with the plant. If your cat has been exposed to poison ivy, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water. Keep your cat indoors until the rash goes away.

can cats get ticks?

Yes, cats can get ticks. Ticks are parasites that live off blood from animals and humans. They attach themselves to the animal?s skin and suck blood through a tube called a proboscis. The tick then drops off after about two weeks. Cats can be infected with Lyme disease, which is caused by bacteria transmitted by deer ticks.

can cats have aspirin
Yes, cats can have aspirin. Aspirin is a painkiller that reduces inflammation and fever. Cats also use aspirin for other purposes such as treating ear infections.

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