can a dog survive a rattlesnake bite without treatment

can a dog survive a rattlesnake bite without treatment?

A rattlesnake bite is usually fatal, unless treated immediately. The venom causes severe pain and swelling, which can lead to shock and death. If you suspect a snakebite, seek medical attention immediately.

can a dog survive eating rat poison?

Yes, dogs can eat rat poison, but they should be supervised. Rat poison is toxic to pets, and some animals may vomit it up. If you suspect your pet has eaten rat poison, contact your veterinarian immediately.

can a dog tell if a woman is pregnant?

Yes, dogs can sense when a woman is pregnant. A dog?s nose is much better at detecting smells than humans. Dogs also have a keen sense of smell, which helps them detect changes in their environment. They can smell when a woman is pregnant for up to two months before she actually shows signs of pregnancy.

can a dog with kidney failure survive?

Yes, dogs with kidney failure can live for several months. However, they need constant care and attention from a veterinarian who knows how to treat them. If you don’t know what to do, contact your vet immediately.

can a dog with one testicle reproduce?

Yes, dogs can reproduce with only one testicle. However, they usually don’t do it intentionally. Instead, it happens when the testicle gets caught in something like a tree branch or other object. The testicle then becomes infected and causes pain. If left untreated, the testicle may become cancerous.

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can a dog with parvo survive?

Yes, dogs with parvovirus can survive. However, they may be sick for several weeks after recovery. Parvo is highly contagious and spreads through direct contact with infected feces. The virus is spread from one animal to another via contaminated water or food.

can a grape kill a dog?

Yes, a grape can kill a dog. The poison is called aconite. Aconite is found in some plants such as monkshood, wolfsbane, and hemlock. If ingested, it causes paralysis and eventually death.

can a hotel ask for proof of service dog?

Yes, hotels can ask for proof of service dogs. However, they should be able to provide accommodations for guests who need them. If a guest has a disability, they may require a room with extra space for a mobility device such as a wheelchair or scooter.

can a human get rabies from a vaccinated dog?

Yes, a person can get rabies from a dog that has been vaccinated against rabies. The vaccine only protects the animal for one year, after which point the animal must be re-vaccinated. If the animal bites someone, then the person may become infected with rabies. However, the risk of getting rabies from a vaccinated animal is extremely small.

can a landlord deny a service dog
A landlord cannot refuse to allow a service animal into his/her property. However, landlords may ask for proof of the animal?s training and certification. If the landlord denies access to the pet, he/she must provide a written statement explaining why they denied the request. The law protects service animals from discrimination based on disability.

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