can a cat with fiv live with other cats

can a cat with fiv live with other cats?

A cat with FIV cannot live with other cats. The virus causes severe immune system damage and makes the cat susceptible to infections. Cats with FIV may be able to live with other cats if they receive regular treatment for the disease.

can a domestic cat breed with a tiger?

Yes, cats can breed with tigers. The offspring would be called a tigon. They are born with stripes like a tiger, but they grow up looking just like a normal cat.

can a house cat be trained to go outside?

Yes, cats can be trained to go outside. If you want to teach your cat to go out, start training when he/she is young. The first step is to train them to walk through a door. Once they learn how to do this, then you can move on to teaching them to open doors and go outside.

can a human get a cold from a cat?

Yes, cats can transmit diseases to humans. Cats can carry viruses such as feline leukemia virus, feline immunodeficiency virus, and feline herpesvirus 1.

can a kitten eat wet cat food?

Yes, kittens can eat wet cat food. However, they should be fed dry food first. Wet food contains too much moisture for kittens to digest properly. Kittens need to drink water frequently to keep hydrated.

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can a neutered male cat have intercourse?

Yes, a neutered male cat can have sex. The only thing he cannot do is ejaculate semen.

can a spayed female cat still attract males?

Yes, a spayed female cat can still attract males. However, she may be less attractive to them than her unspayed counterpart. Spaying cats is recommended for two reasons: 1) to prevent unwanted pregnancies and 2) to reduce the risk of mammary tumors.

can a stray cat become a pet?

Yes, stray cats can become pets. They need love and attention, and they also need food and water. If you want to adopt a stray cat, then you should first find out where the cat came from. If the cat was abandoned at a shelter, then you should go to the shelter and ask about adopting the cat. However, if the cat was found outside, then you should contact animal control officers.

can a stray kitten become a house cat?

Yes! A stray kitten can be trained to live indoors and become a house cat. The first step is to find a suitable home for the kitten. Once the kitten has been adopted, it needs to be spayed or neutered. Then, the kitten should be introduced to the family and allowed to settle into the new environment. If all goes well, the kitten will soon start acting like a house cat.

can a vet tell how old a cat is
Yes, vets can tell how old a cat or dog is based on the teeth. The age of a pet can be determined by looking at the tooth enamel, which is made up of calcium phosphate. When the enamel is formed, the animal?s age is about 4 months. After that, the enamel begins to wear down, and the rate of decay increases until the animal reaches adulthood.

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