are zinnias poisonous to cats

are zinnias poisonous to cats?

Zinnia flowers are not toxic to cats. However, they may cause vomiting and diarrhea. If you suspect your cat has eaten any part of a plant, contact your veterinarian immediately.

can a cat break its tail?

Yes, cats can break their tails. The problem is that they don’t know how to do it. Cats use their tails for balance when jumping, running, or climbing. When a cat falls from a height, the force of gravity causes the tail to bend backwards at the tip. This bends the bone and breaks the skin. A broken tail is painful and may require surgery.

can a cat die from a seizure?

Yes, cats can die from seizures. They may be able to recover after a seizure, but they could also suffer brain damage. Seizures can occur when a part of the brain becomes too active, causing electrical activity to spread throughout the entire brain. If a seizure lasts for longer than 10 minutes, then it is considered a prolonged seizure.

can a cat overdose on dewormer?

Yes, cats can overdose on dewormers. If you suspect your cat has ingested too much medication, call your vet immediately.

can a cat with herpes be around other cats?

Yes, a cat with herpes can be around other cats. However, they should be kept separate from other cats. The herpes virus can spread through saliva and urine. If a cat has herpes, then he/she may shed the virus for up to two weeks after symptoms appear. Other cats can become infected when they come into contact with the virus through saliva or urine.

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can a dog catch a cold from a cat?

Yes, dogs can catch a cold from cats. Dogs do not have any natural immunity against feline viruses, which means they can easily become infected when exposed to them. However, the risk of catching a cold from a cat is much lower than the risk of getting sick from a human.

can a fixed cat go into heat?

Yes, cats do go into heat. The best way to tell if your cat is going into heat is when she starts rubbing against things like furniture or walls. If your cat goes into heat, she may start acting strange and aggressive, which could lead to her injuring herself.

can a hawk eat a cat?

Yes, a hawk can eat a cat. However, they usually don’t like cats. A hawk has sharp talons and strong beaks for tearing flesh from prey. They also have powerful legs and wings for flying. The only thing a hawk cannot do is fly backwards.

can a pregnant cat be spayed?

Yes, cats can be spayed during pregnancy. The procedure is done under general anesthesia, and the cat is usually sedated for the surgery. Afterward, the cat should recover quickly, and the mother must be monitored closely for any complications.

can a pregnant cat go into heat
Yes, cats can become pregnant when they are in heat. However, it takes about two weeks for them to start ovulating. After that, they can be bred at any time during the month. The best way to prevent pregnancy is to spay or neuter your pet.

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