are lotus flowers poisonous to cats

are lotus flowers poisonous to cats?

Yes, they are toxic for cats. The lotus flower contains cyanide which is highly toxic to cats. If a cat eats a lotus flower, he may become sick or even die.

are lynx cats good pets?

Lynx cats are great pets for children who love animals. They are also good pets for those who like cats. However, they do require a lot of attention. If you want a cat that likes to be left alone, then don’t get one.

are male cats more aggressive?

Yes, male cats are more aggressive than female cats. Male cats tend to be territorial and protective of their territory, which makes them more likely to attack other animals. Female cats are usually less aggressive.

are male cats more aggressive than female?

Male cats are usually more aggressive than female cats. This is because they are much larger and stronger than females. They also tend to be territorial and protective of their territory. However, some males may be more dominant than others.

are monstera deliciosa poisonous to cats?

Monstera deliciosa is not toxic for cats, but it may cause vomiting and diarrhea. If you suspect your cat has eaten some of these plants, call your vet immediately.

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are mums dangerous to cats?

Mums are dangerous to cats because they are very territorial animals and don’t like other cats near them. Cats may also be afraid of mums because they look similar to a mother cat. If you want to keep your cat safe from mums, put him inside when he hears the sound of a mum calling.

are nebelung cats rare?

Yes, they are rare. They were first discovered in Germany in 1866. The name comes from the German word for “ice”, since they live in cold climates. There are only about 1,000 left in the world today.

are noble fir trees poisonous to cats?

Noble fir trees are not toxic to cats, however they may cause vomiting due to the smell of the tree sap. If you suspect your cat has eaten some of these trees, call your vet immediately.

are nuts safe for cats?

Nuts are not safe for cats because they contain high levels of fat, which cats cannot digest. Cats should be fed a diet rich in protein and carbohydrates.

are onions and garlic bad for cats
Onions and garlic are safe for cats, but they should be kept out of reach of kittens. If you want to feed them to your cat, use only fresh onion and garlic, and cook them thoroughly.

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