are hairballs bad for cats

are hairballs bad for cats?

Hairballs are not bad for cats, they just need to be cleaned up. If your cat has been eating too much, then he may develop a hairball problem. However, if your cat eats too little, then he could also suffer from constipation.

are hairless cats oily?

Hairless cats are usually dry, which means they don’t need to groom themselves as much. This makes them prone to dandruff, which is caused by excess oil production. If you want to keep your cat from getting dandruff, try using a shampoo that contains zinc pyrithione.

are heating pads good for cats?

Yes, heating pads are great for cats because they help them stay warm during cold winter nights. They also provide comfort when they are sick. However, heating pads should be used only under supervision of a veterinarian.

are hibiscus plants poisonous to dogs and cats?

Hibiscus plants are toxic for pets. If ingested, they cause vomiting, diarrhea, and possibly death. The best way to prevent poisoning is to keep them away from your pet.

are holly berries poisonous to cats and dogs?

Holly berries are toxic for both cats and dogs. The berries contain cyanide which causes vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and death. If ingested, call your vet immediately.

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are hound dogs good with cats?

Hounds are great with cats because they love to play fetch. They also like to chase after small animals such as rabbits and squirrels.

are indoor ferns poisonous to cats?

Indoor ferns are not toxic to cats, however they may cause respiratory issues for them. If you suspect your cat has ingested any kind of plant matter, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

are japanese beetles poisonous to cats?

Japanese beetles are not poisonous to cats, but they may cause irritation. The best way to protect your cat from these insects is to keep them inside at night when the beetles are active.

are lavender candles safe for cats?

Lavender candles are safe for cats, however, they should be kept out of reach of kittens. The scent may cause them to become ill.

are lilies poisonous to cats and dogs
Lilies are toxic for cats and dogs, so they should be kept away from them. If a cat eats a flower, it may vomit and become ill. Dogs also react badly to eating flowers, especially those with large petals.

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