are geraniums poisonous to cats

are geraniums poisonous to cats?

Yes, they are toxic to cats. They contain oxalic acid which causes kidney failure. If your cat eats them, he may need emergency treatment.

are male or female cats better?

There is no difference between male and female cats. Cats are born with both XX and XY chromosomes, which means they are genetically identical. However, some males may be neutered, while others are not. Neutering reduces the risk of certain diseases such as testicular cancer.

are orange female cats rare?

Orange female cats are rare because they are albino. Albino cats are born white and turn orange when they mature. They are also called “ghost cats” because they look like ghosts.

are we not cats?

Yes, we are cats! We are also dogs, birds, fish, bees, butterflies, and other animals. We are all different species, but we share some common traits. We are mammals, meaning we have hair, fur, milk glands, and nipples. We are warm blooded, which means our body temperature rises when we exercise. We are omnivores, meaning we eat both plants and meat. And finally, we are social creatures, meaning we need each other to survive.

are you supposed to bathe cats?

Bathing cats is important for their health, but it is also important to keep them clean. If they are dirty, they may be prone to infection. However, bathing cats should only be done when necessary, such as after a trip outside.

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can a cat get pregnant while nursing?

Yes, cats can get pregnant while they are lactating. The gestation period for a cat is about 6 months. During pregnancy, the female catÂ’s body produces hormones that cause her uterus to enlarge. She also has increased blood flow to her reproductive organs. This causes her nipples to become erect and produce milk. If she becomes pregnant during this time, her kittens will be born prematurely.

can cats catch colds from humans?

Yes, cats can catch colds from humans. Cats are susceptible to human respiratory viruses such as rhinoviruses, coronavirus, adenovirus, parainfluenza virus, influenza virus, and respiratory syncytial virus. These viruses cause upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, otitis media, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, and pharyngitis.

can cats cry tears?

Yes, cats do shed tears. The tear ducts in cats’ eyes are similar to those found in humans. Cats also have glands that produce tears, which flow down their cheeks.

can cats eat boiled eggs?

Yes, cats love eating boiled eggs. They also like to play with them, which makes for a fun breakfast. Boiled eggs are easy to prepare and they are delicious when eaten cold.

can cats eat egg yolk
Yes, cats can eat egg yolks. Egg yolks contain high levels of cholesterol which is needed for healthy skin and bones. However, some cats may be allergic to eggs and should avoid them.

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